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Convert Your Tub

“Should I keep my current tub or upgrade to a Ute tray?” This is the most common question that new Ute owners have when they first purchase their vehicle. Utes account for roughly 20% of all new cars purchased in Australia, so it’s no surprise that thousands of Ute trays are installed each month. So, if you’re wondering if you should convert your Tub to a Ute Tray, here are five reasons why;

First things first, why do so many ute owners ditch their tubs in favor of trays?

Practicality: A tray makes loading, tying down, and moving large or unusually shaped items more accessible.

Convenience: A flat floor space with tie-down points, ute tub racks, kayak roof rack or side rails makes it simple to securely use ratchet tie-downs to hold materials, whether for work or recreation.

Storage capacity: Whether it’s a new doghouse, an Ikea flat-pack, or half a pallet of paving bricks, a tray provides a more extensive and more substantial area to work safely with.

Multifunctionality: Trays are more versatile than factory tubs in terms of functionality. Camping equipment, construction materials, a 12v fridge, the kids’ bikes, a load of mulch, or moving furniture can all be handled safely and legally.

Tax breaks: Some business owners may be able to claim their tray as a tax write-off or deduction.


Trays for modern 4WDs must be stylish and feature-rich, as well as functional. For high-quality trays, options such as different paint and surface coatings have become the norm. Many come in the natural alloy, powder coat, or raptor lining finishes. Dropsides and toolbox lids are also available in automotive color-matched paint.

Other alternatives include:

  • Lockable side toolboxes: These are ideal for storing compressors, recovery equipment, ropes, and tie-down straps.
  • Rear undertray drawer: A concealed, secure, and lockable storage space tucked beneath the tray.
  • Cab rack mesh: A fashionable guard protecting the rear window from potentially hazardous materials carried on the tray.
  • Integrated water tank: Made of food-grade plastic and equipped with a gravity-fed tap, it’s ideal for camping or cleaning tools.
  • Rear hoop or ladder rack: A perfect complement to the front tray hoop, this can be configured for long goods, roof racks, or even a rooftop tent, as well as kayaks or tinnies.

Why should I convert my Tub to a Ute Tray?


Another advantage of ute trays is that they can be built to suit your industry and application. This is why it is critical to select a tray manufacturer who builds made-to-order trays rather than a generic, flat-packed tray. Do your homework first because you can get a purpose-built tray to suit your specific needs for the same or very similar price as a flat-packed tray.

Investing in a setup that is optimized for your needs will allow you to maximize the capabilities of your Ute while increasing your efficiency.

One of the best things about Ute trays is the wide range of options for securing loads, as well as how customizable they can be. The more tie-down points, the safer and faster loads can be secured and transported.

Many brands provide a variety of load restraint options and add-ons, such as:

– Rope rails with high tensile strength for tying down loads with ratchet straps (standard on an Ultra tray).

– A 76mm Round Integrated Headboard that you can use in conjunction with roof racks to transport long, heavy items (standard on the Tradesman and Ultra trays).

– A rattle-free Rear Ute Tub Rack that you can outfit with extras like Ladder Pins, Bar Mounted Eye Bolts, or Bar Mounted Ratchets (all optional add-ons).

– Extra tie-down points are also provided by add-ons such as the Ultra Restraint Track and Recessed Anchor Points.

– Mesh headrests that protect occupants in the event of a collision.


The Ute Tray outperforms a tub when it comes to storage, hands down.

One benefit of a tub over a tray is that tubs are typically deeper than standard drop sides on Ute trays. Although it is common for a tub to have 500mm deep sides, many trays are only half that deep. If it’s tray height you’re after, choose a reputable tray builder who offers drop-side height increases on their trays, which are frequently available even higher than the pre-existing Tub. Investing in extra-high drop-sides on your tray lets you safely transport larger loads, taller items, and more volume with your tonneau cover.


In addition to having more internal storage volume than tubs, Ute trays offer more options for storage solutions such as toolboxes, underbody boxes, Storage Drawers, Canvas Canopies, and more. Tubs can be very limited in terms of accessory compatibility. In contrast, you can easily fit ute trays with various optional add-ons that can transform your Ute into a mobile workstation that uses the previously wasted space beneath the tray.



Load security is more important than ever before, as unsecured loads can result in hefty fines, lost demerit points, or even license suspension. While a tonneau cover or hard lid can quickly secure smaller items in a tub, the limited volume inside the Tub makes this impractical for anyone who needs to transport larger loads of material or equipment. Tubs also have a limited number of tie-down points, making securing any type of load difficult and time-consuming.

One of the best things about Ute trays is the wide range of options for securing loads, as well as how customizable they can be. The more tie-down points, the safer and faster loads can be secured and transported.


Steel and alloy trays are far more resistant to scratching, denting, and other damage than a tub. While a tub may be adequate for light use, avoiding damage to your Tub will be more difficult if you are transporting heavy or rigid items. Tubs are made of very lightweight gauge material, which means they dent easily and are costly to repair. Scratches on a Ute tub are more visible than scratches on a tray, and chipped paint can quickly make a tub look unprofessional and unattractive.


A ute tray can also help to legitimize your company by making vehicles look more professional. You can also display vehicle Graphics on the drop sides, tailgate, and toolboxes on a tray. Furthermore, signage can transform your vehicle into a mobile billboard, promoting your company.

It’s important to remember that not all trays are created equal. Universal, one-size-fits-all trays rattle and can cause a slew of issues in the long run. Quality trays are made of high-quality materials specifically designed, engineered, and built for your vehicle. They will also be rattle-free for the rest of their lives!

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