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Malware attacks are often unprecedented, and since they usually come out of the blue, it becomes a challenge to stop them in their tracks. The damage in most successful network raids often goes deeper and can sometimes be irreparable. That can potentially bring a company or organization to its knees, crippling every vital operation. Assuredly, that’s never in your sights, and you’d curse your day if it happens. Therefore, here are why regular penetration testing is essential for your company’s network.

  1. Uncovering the Vulnerabilities

With massive investment in your company’s network security, it’s typical to think you’re impenetrable. However, the world of network hacking is becoming increasingly sophisticated such that any fissure, regardless of how tiny it is, can bring you down. Pen tests are there for a viable reason and, for the most part, to expose such vulnerabilities that might be a leeway for hacker attacks.

  1. Improving The Response Time for Security

Hackers are intuitively agile and have a pretty quick thought process. And if they’re masters of the art, it usually takes a lot to beat them on time. They can hijack your company’s network in a blink of an eye and lock you out without you knowing. Therefore, a pen-test you can acquire by visiting https://www.nettitude.com/sg/penetration-testing/pen-testing/ can be your much-needed life savior. They help determine the time a hacker takes for successful penetration. That way, you’ll be well aware of how quickly you should be to prevent damage.

  1. Prioritizing Risks

Sometimes, network hacker attacks can put the entire security team in disarray, not knowing where best to start with recovery. Further delay can quickly facilitate the attack, and the damage can be devastating as your cyber security team solves the issue. But knowing where the most risk lies helps you prioritize it quickly to keep the core network functions intact. That’s only possible with penetration testing.

  1. Training Developers

Network developers aren’t always absolute, and while they may assure you the security, the opposite may be true. If you aren’t well satisfied with the security level, it’s always best that you work with a divergent cyber security company to cover the loopholes and vulnerabilities. That helps train your developers, ensuring that they cover the misconfigurations and backdoors through pen-tests. That helps prevent future mistakes and bolster security.

  1. To Comply with Standardss

The PCI-DSS requires that every organization conducts a penetration test, or maybe to or more annually. That’s essential since it helps bolster security and network control to keep fraudsters and hackers at bay. And while it’s only a requirement on paper, please be sure to work with the best security companies not to meet compliance but rigidly protect your company’s network. That keeps you secured and in control of any potential cyber-attack threats.


Companies are becoming increasingly aware of their cyber security integrity and have seen how essential pen tests are. However, it takes an excellent cyber security company to conduct these ethical hacks to determine vulnerabilities and improve response time. If anything, regular penetration tests are worth investing in and can save your day when hackers aggressively creep in.

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