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Silica Gel

The little packets of silica gel Are typically discovered in a box when purchasing new shoes or a camera. Here’s what you’ll do with them, as well as some knowledge of how dangerous they are. We generally fire them. Silicon dioxide dries out everything in its path. The silica gel is generally non-toxic when ingested. It has been known to cause choking in some people. As a result, silica gel manufacturers label it “do not eat.” Call 911 and seek emergency medical attention if a person near you chokes on silica gel.

What happens when you eat them?

Unfortunately, children can eat silica desiccants or the whole packet by mistaking a packet of food, sweets, or a chew toy. Grown-ups may misunderstand silica desiccants for salt or sugar packets on occasion. Chemically, silica gel is unreactive. This means that it will not degrade and cause toxic effects in the body. The gel or packaging and gel, on the other hand, can cause choking because it will not disintegrate. 

As a result, manufacturers frequently label them “do not eat” or “try to get rid of after use.” It is unlikely that taking silica gel will make you sick. It will pass through one body and then out almost all of the time without causing any harm to you. Even though silica gel is unlikely to harm you, this does not permit you to consume excessive amounts of it.

What to do if someone eats it?

If you or your child inadvertently ingested silica gel, try drinking water to help the gel enter the stomach. In rare circumstances, manufacturers use silica gel that has been encased with cobalt chloride, a toxic substance. Anyone who consumes cobalt chloride-coated silica gel will most likely experience morning sickness. You can start talking to your child about not eating out of packets from now onwards. You can persuade them to bring any packages they come across for you to dispose of. You can get rid of any silicone gel packet that ends up coming near your child or pet.

Here are 5 reasons why you should not go through away silica gel packets!

Whether you purchased a pair of sneakers or pharmaceutics for your grandfather, these little packages of silica gel are likely to be in the package or carton. Most people throw it away without giving it a second thought. However, these packages can come in handy in a variety of situations.

  1. Put it in your gym bag to prevent bacteria and stop it from growing. It also eliminates unpleasant odours. 
  2. Keep the dripping phone. It outperforms rice in terms of efficacy. Place the phone in a jar filled with bags.
  3. Keep old photos. Place a few bags in a box containing old photos. It prevents them from adhering to one another or falling apart. 
  4. Defrost the windshield. Place a set of bags beneath the windshield. It eliminates fog and saves valuable time. 
  5. Make razor blades last longer. The bags absorb the moisture from the blade.


Silica gel is a drying agent commonly found composed of tiny transparent granules or straightforward rock crystals packaged in small sheet or cloth packages. To prevent the absorption of moisture, these packages are frequently coated with various products. Silica gel packaging is used in various products, including food, garments, and electricals. Although silica gel is usually non-toxic, it can be a choking hazard, particularly for children. Because of the choking hazard, silica manufacturers frequently label “do not eat” on the packets.


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