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Singapore’s restaurants are blissful and never fail to mesmerize with their incredibly savory dishes. And whether you live in the country or you’re visiting, you never should miss out on taking a bite out of their food. These foods aren’t only a combination of spices and tons of calories but a perfect round-up of skill and art. Their purely hypnotizing tastes and the love they come with are truly unmatched. Indeed, you’re spoilt for choice with the many foods you can pick from. But here are the best dishes you should never miss out on in Singapore’s restaurants.

  1.   The Hainanese Chicken Rice

This savory dish has a rich chicken essence, and its aroma is exceptional. It’s a Sunday dish favorite and tastes even better with a cold refreshing drink. The pre-fried rice has an undeniably pleasant odor since it borrows the scents from the chicken fat. But wait until you pick a bite out of the chicken, which tastes even better, incredibly, when it’s tender and marginally chewy. Perhaps, a lime squeeze might complete the jigsaw, but a hot sauce can be perfectly adequate.

  1.   Rice Flake Crusted Whole Lobster 

You must admit that seafood tastes better on Sunday afternoons, but wait until you grab a bite out of the Rice flake-crusted whole lobster on any day. It’s a unique food that can quickly become one of your guilty pleasures and will truly become one of your favorites. And if you want to prove this claim wrong, please visit https://www.celavi.com/en/singapore/restaurant/ and grab a bite. This perfectly curated dish features a super-sized lobster and flaked rice, and you’ll savor every bite.

  1.   Char Siew Meat With Rice or Noodles

With its exceptional porky essence, this Chinese-themed dish gives your fingers a good run for their life – because you’ll surely bite them off. It tastes even better when you’re ravenous, and its juicy and tender meat flesh will hypnotize you. Most restaurants will serve this dish before your eyes so that its unresistible aromas will grab you with an unrelenting grip. However, the dish won’t be complete without some rice or noodles; perhaps, a cold drink to wash it down sounds like a plan.

  1.   The Pork Bone Tea (Bak Kug Teh)

This dish has some infused generosity emanating from the intriguing legend of the impoverished stall owner offering what remained to a beggar. It’s a favorite Singapore dish featuring boiled pork ribs and seasoned soup and tags along with carbs and veggies. It’s the only type of food that dances in your mite with every bite, and you should try to grab a bite when in Singapore.

  1.   Nasi Biryani

Nasi biryani is an Indian-themed dish made from basmati rice, saffron and a vast range of meats. Singapore restaurants will mainly serve this dish with fish, beef or mutton, but chicken always hits different. Every mouthful reveals the art and carefully culinary from the various seasonings and essences. Its cinnamon, bay leaves, and clove combination give it a unique savory aroma, and you should never miss out on Singapore.


Singapore is a food haven and ideal flavor heaven, and if you plan on grabbing a few tasty bites, the restaurants have your back. The next time you visit one, please ask for any of these dishes, and you’ll fall in love with them from your first bites. 

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