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Nursing is one of the most fulfilling and rewarding career paths that someone can pick to follow. There are many different kinds of nursing jobs that are out there and you can create your own perfect career with ease in the nursing space if this is the career path that you choose. Being able to help other people and also earn a really good salary are tandem benefits that make nursing really attractive to lots of people.

There are some career choices in the nursing field that pay better than others. If you are not sure which path you want to pick, the amount of money that each of these options can pay might help you to make a decision. For those who are not sure which is the right way to go with their nursing careers, sometimes the opportunities for growth and development within a career path can make a difference in their choice.

Highest Paying Careers for Nurses

1. Research Nurse

This is one of the most interesting nursing career paths and it offers lots of room to grow in seniority within this career path as well. Research nurses help to develop medications and technologies that can save lives and make people’s disease processes much more manageable. This is a critical function for nurses to provide to help the research field to be effective.

Research nurses can be hired with a regular RN degree, but if you want to work on more senior-level projects, you will want to get at least a master’s in nursing. This degree will help place you at the top of the salary expectation for these nursing roles at around $77,000 a year.

5 Highest Paying Careers for Nurses

2. Nurse Educator

Nurse educators are critical to the needs of many different kinds of programs and you might be asked to be involved in the training of other nurses and healthcare professionals, or you could even work on programs that do health outreach to schools or colleges. This is one of the most important jobs in any medical system and you can easily become the source of knowledge that allows new medical professionals to succeed and grow in their own careers.

Many nurse educators can make in excess of $100,000 a year, which makes this a very important but also very well-compensated degree choice. The starting pay is more than fair for this role as well and you should begin working with your degree in hand at around $80,000 a year.

3. Surgical Nurse

Surgical nurses are the backbone of the organization and the flow of the operating room when a person is on the table. This is a job that is perfect for people who are organized and are able to keep track of lots of small details with ease. Without the hands-on assistance of a surgical nurse in the surgery suite during procedures, it can be very hard for surgeons and other care professionals to do their jobs.

This is a very important, but high-stress job within the nursing field. You will need to be realistic about your comfort with this portion of the nursing world, but if you have the right temperament, you will gain access to a rewarding and interesting career that offers you the chance to work anywhere in the US with ease.

5 Highest Paying Careers for Nurses

4. Nurse Practitioner

If you want to get to prescribe medications and treatment plans but you don’t want to go to medical school to be a doctor, you can get a nurse practitioner degree and take care of your own patients just like a doctor. These jobs are present in all medical care systems and they can be perfect if you want to get to direct the long-term care of your patients and their families.

Nurse practitioners make an average of $123,000 a year per the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and this is also thought to be one of the most rewarding segments of the nursing reality. Many people dream of getting to do this when they get their nursing degree, and there is nothing stopping you! You will simply need the right education and you too can have your own patients that you treat and care for as their primary provider.

5. Nurse Midwife

If you love caring for babies and pregnant moms, being a nurse midwife might be the perfect fit for you! Midwives have the ability to treat their patients through all the stages of their pregnancy through birth and this can be very rewarding for those who are passionate about OB/GYN care.

This is a great choice as well if you want to work in a maternity ward or if you want the flexibility to help deliver babies at home. You can choose a lot of the features of the way that you care for patients with this degree and experience on your resume. This is a very rewarding and well-paid sector of the nursing profession and one that many people are glad that they took the leap to get into.

Nursing Offers High-Paying Opportunities and Fulfilling Careers

5 Highest Paying Careers for Nurses

The nursing profession is a great way to change people’s lives for the better and to get to do a job that you love. There is no reason that you cannot also have a job that rewards you financially for your efforts every day! Many advanced nursing jobs can provide very nice salaries for those with the qualifications and it can be nice to focus on specialty care.

Many people who start out in nursing transition to a specialty part of the profession and this is often where the best earning potential can be found. If you are ready to make the leap to a job that pays better and is more focused on the things that you enjoy doing every day, you need to consider one of these nursing jobs. Even if you have just started nursing school, setting your sights on the career path that you want most is not a bad idea!

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