Sat. Jun 10th, 2023
5 Great Career Options to Consider in 2021

If you are soon to be finishing your final year at school, your thoughts will no doubt be on a career, which is one of the most important decisions you will make in your life. Most of us toil for at least 4 decades before retirement comes and there should be good prospects in any profession or trade you choose to take up. 

Here are a few career ideas that you might like to consider.

  1. Information Technology – If you are a computer geek, why not learn to be a blockchain developer? This is definitely the future of data storage and anyone who gets into this sector at entry level would have great prospects as the years pass. Another good choice is digital marketing, for which there will always be a huge demand and learning to become a search engine optimisation technician would assure success. App development is another sound choice, with front and back end developers in demand, as more and more businesses create their own mobile app.
  2. Healthcare – If you took a bachelor in social work at a leading college, this would enable you to focus on many different aspects of healthcare, such as mental health counselling and working for social services. This course can be studied online or at the college campus; check out their website for more details about the wide range of degree programs that lead to some form of social work or healthcare.
  3. Personal Trainer – This career has so many pluses and with an online course that lasts 2 years, you can receive certification as a personal trainer and that enables you to work anywhere in the world. All you need is good physical health and the desire to succeed, everything else is taught by professionals and when you graduate, you receive accredited certification and can start your new career. In case you weren’t aware, Google have some great games!
  4. Protecting the Environment – There are many career opportunities within environmental protection and preservation; you could study to be a marine biologist or work for a non-profit organisation in some capacity. There is a demand for park rangers and working in such natural beauty is a big plus! Search online for colleges and universities that offer environment degree courses, which you can study online. 
  5. Machine Learning – Ideal is you like writing code, AI is going to take us to a new dimension and by getting in now at entry level, you would have a long and rewarding career managing (or creating) AI systems. If you are good at math and like computers, you might have what it takes to develop AI platforms and with the arrival of the Internet of Things (IoT), machine learning will play a crucial role in the next few years. So, Grab your chance by acquiring the skills through this Best Machine Learning Course and start your career.

Whatever direction you are looking at, it should be something of a high interest level, as you will be spending most of your adult life immersed in this industry. Here is some government information about careers, which is a recommended read and once you have made up your mind, start looking at BA programs.


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