5 Effective Tips to Handle CTET Exam Preparation Stress When Left With a Short Time

5 Effective Tips to Handle CTET Exam Preparation Stress When Left With a Short Time

January 30, 2021 0 By Rahul Pandey

During an exam, having stress is a common thing. Though a little bit of stress is not harmful, it must not be higher.  Otherwise, it will hamper your success. CTET is one of the best most common exams. Talking about the qualifying marks for the CTET, it varies for different categories including SC, ST, General, and OBC.  

If you get passing marks, you will be considered eligible. Though, passing marks could be altered or changed following CBSE guidelines. CBSE is entitled to maintain CTET Cut Off marks for all different categories. Here, we are going to mention effective tips to handle your exam preparation stress in a better way. Let us check it out – 


1. Do Not Pressurize Your Brain To Learn New If You Are Left With A Short Time – 


If you are left with less time then you must not go-ahead to start anything new. Since your brain has already made many efforts to learn many things, getting into a new thing can create a mess inside the brain. Try to keep yourself comfortable with the old stuff and CTET Previous Year Papers if you are left with a short time. However, if you are having enough and good at handling new things then you may go with new ones too indeed. 

When you are left with a short time, your brain is already having a lot of loads to stick with the previously fed information. Learning something new means, you will be dedicating a stipulated time and efforts to weak areas. 

When you are left with a short time, it will be better to focus on understanding or strengthening the topic you prepared. It will be better if you probably have prepared a list of topics and subjects already. CTET exam carries each question of 1 mark. Moreover, this exam does not have negative marking. 

2. Build Your Confidence Solving Previous Year Papers – 

If you work on building up your confidence, things will start happening in the way it should. During an exam, your confidence also plays an important role indeed. Do not lose thinking all the time about the exam. Here, what you can do to keep yourself safe from stress is start focusing on analyzing and solving previous year’s papers. 

If you solve previous year’s papers, you start having the confidence to perform well in the exam. You should go with important topics and subjects while practicing previous year’s papers. Be a bit strict yourself while solving the question paper. Do not exceed the time limit but stay disciplined with the time. It will make you more familiar with how much time you will be having in the exam. Online mock tests can also help you in a better way to get an expert on this indeed. 

3. Go With Healthy Diets To Feel Good From Within –

Yes, a healthy diet is quite important indeed. When you eat healthy things, it makes you energetic from within. The best thing is that you will be having incredible stamina in your body going with fresh and ideal food. Instead, if you go with junk food, you probably are feeling low and lethargic. You probably are feeling less self-motivated too.  Therefore, experts also recommend students to have healthy and fresh food so that their body would be feeling nice and energetic from the inside. 


4. Go With Tutorials To Develop Better Understanding –


You should go with the option of watching tutorials to get a better understanding of your subjects. There are so many teachers and individuals sharing their experiences over there. You could get to learn so many things from there preparing you for the exam mentally. 

Some people are so good at preparing excellent tutorials. Everything is explained in an ideal manner. The main purpose of watching the tutorials is that your brain loves remembering things, which are shown to it in the form of a picture, images, etc. If you find any topic a bit tricky or tough-to-understand, you need to go with this trick. 


5. Keep Your Competition To Yourself Only –


Stop contemplating what other people do think or what they did. It is you and you should have competition with yourself. You need to make yourself better at what you did earlier. Things start happening well when you have competition with yourself only.

In The Last – 

Do not forget to practice these tips to stay free from stress indeed. Hope you perform better in your exam. 

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