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Luxury Honeymoon in Maldives

Like every other girl, I too had a dream of spending my honeymoon at a beach, in the embrace of my better half. But being from a middle class family, the dream sounded a little far fetched. I had seen pictures of the beautiful beaches of Maldives and had long craved to be on its pristine beaches, with the golden sand under my feet and the blue sky above my head.

And upon finding the perfect itinerary of Maldives Honeymoon package from bangalore and that too at such a discounted price from Thrillophilia, I jumped at the chance to talk it over with my fiance and book our honeymoon tickets.

5 Days Luxury Honeymoon in Maldives Exceeded Our Expectations

So a week after our wedding, we were off to the stunning Maldives for our dream honeymoon.


We boarded the flight from Bangalore to Male, Maldives at dawn. From there, it was a motorboat journey of 90 minutes. Upon reaching our resort, we realized we were simply in heaven! The tropical beauty of the entire island was simply breathtaking. No combination of words can describe that exhilarating feeling we got when we arrived. We spent the remainder of the day in our hotel, recharging our batteries after a long and hectic day of travel. The dinner was served to us by the hotel and the sea food was immaculate. Then we went to bed, all excited for the following day.


Day 2 of our Maldives trip consisted of some leisure activities. We had a scrumptious breakfast planned for that day, as well as a romantic stroll down the shore. The short stroll took us a pretty long time as we simply couldn’t get enough of the tropical beauty of Maldives!

After lunch, we decided to head over to the infinity pool for a relaxing dip. But my spouse, on the other hand, being an adventurous soul, could not contain his excitement any longer and insisted on taking me snorkeling with him. So we rented snorkeling gear from the resort and then proceeded to snorkel in the clear blue water of Maldives. Following a fun snorkeling session, we were greeted to one of the most stunning sunsets we had ever seen at the Kuramathi beach.


Day 3 started with a big breakfast and a soulful couple’s massage. The massage was complimentary from the hotel, which was a pleasant surprise for us. Following our peaceful spa treatment and the spiritual massage, we headed over to our lovely water villa, the most awaited part of the trip. Fortunately, it crossed all our expectations with its setting, grandeur and beautiful tropical aura. Mesmerized, we decided to cancel the plans for the day and rest up here, spending some intimate time with each other in this gorgeous water villa. We explored all nooks and crannies of the structure and took some amazing pictures to document this memory in our memories.


The fourth day in our trip, we spent the entire day relaxing, taking a dozen pictures for our instagram feed. The million memories we have of this trip are simply irreplaceable, hence we decided to capture several of them to make sure we can look back on them in the future.

We dressed up and made our way over to the island jetty to take some beautiful photos. Following that, we dined in style at one of Maldives finest restaurants, serving top notch meals which was simply ‘chef’s kiss’.


Leaving a place like the Maldives and going back to our regular lives was harder than we anticipated. Packing up all our stuff, a simple task, weighed our hearts heavy. We checked out of our accommodation after breakfast and rode a speedboat to Male, exactly like we had done previously. Then we were driven to the airport.

As our flight took off, we said our goodbyes to the stunning island of Maldives, with a promise to visit again in the future. The entire vacation was like a dream, surreal and tranquil. It will live on in our memories for the rest of our lives. It surely was a magical start to our blissful married life!

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