5 Best Stranger Chat Apps for Android users

best stranger chat apps for Android

We all like talking to strangers sometimes but the issue is that we hesitate a lot. We don’t confess it, we can’t accept it. But there’s one thing that we can surely do and that is, talking to them by using our Android smartphones. Almost all of us are using Android devices. and if you’re also among those, keep reading this article till the last because today, we are going to talk about 5 best stranger chat apps for Android. Let’s scroll and read it quickly.

best stranger chat apps , best stranger chat apps for android

5 best stranger chat apps for Android

1.Omegle (https://www.omegle.com/)

best stranger chat apps , best stranger chat apps for android

In the list of best stranger chat apps for Android, the very first name has to be Omegle. Indeed, it is the best app you can use because the app is all about you who can talk to anyone without revealing your identity. Yes, your name will be hidden and nobody except you can know your real identity. It will be full secret and confidential between you and of course the app makers.

The best part of using this app is that it is free of cost and you can also use it by adding some filters. You can also customize it according to your country, region or anything you want to. There are many filters available. The app also serves the web cam chat but unfortunately to those only who are above 18. Though there are many similar sites to Omegle, you can try those anytime.

2.MeetMe (https://www.meetme.com/)

best stranger chat apps , best stranger chat apps for android

In this app, you can talk to different people in a jiffy. It is not only supported by Android but also iOS. Talking about how does it work, you can make your profile for free of cost and start talking to the strangers easily through a click. It has more than 150 million monthly users which makes the site big. You will be getting a secret personal chat room where you both can talk and if in case you don’t like the person, you can also skip it and move on to the next one easily. All over, it is a good app to use.


3.Whisper (http://whisper.sh/)

best stranger chat apps , best stranger chat apps for android

I personally recommend this app for those who wants to have some fun with strangers. The app has a feature where you can also cut out the BS and make it more easy for you. You can also ask something to anyone and apart from this, you can add your intro and make it more interesting so that the person can get attract towards your profile and message you. Just like the above mentioned app, MeetMe, you will be given a chance to make your profile interesting by adding some intro.


4.Anonymous Chat

best stranger chat apps , best stranger chat apps for android

Just like the name defines, the app, The anonymous chat allows you to talk to the people from different region without letting them know who you are just like the app Omegle. It is quite an interesting app because you can also meet to the strangers nearby through this app. Whenever someone passes through, the app will notify you and you can become a match to each other.

You will be getting a chat box which will be very safe and you can use the chat box by talking to the person in the app. For making the things more clear and easy, you can use the filters and filter the people by their age, city, gender and etc.


5.Badoo (https://badoo.com/)

best stranger chat apps , best stranger chat apps for android

Last but not the least, we are also mentioning the app Badoo here and trust me, it deserves to be here. Badoo is the biggest dating app in the world with more than 340 million active users. The app has a decent and easy interface which makes it easy for everyone to use it. Be it a normal user or an advanced one, anyone can use this app for chatting to the random people you meet online.

Not being biased, but yes, in this list of best stranger chat apps for Android, this name is the most reliable one. People from all over the world are using this app and all the reviews we have received now are positive. So yes, its a green sign which makes you say yes for using this app.

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So these were the top 5 best stranger chat apps that you can use in your Android device. If you have anything to ask about these apps, please write to us in the given comment section

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