Mon. Sep 25th, 2023
Cloud-Based TMS

Cloud technology has been around since the 1960s, but even today, not all platforms are on the Cloud. One of the biggest hindrances to adopting cloud technology has been security. Every SaaS platform has to incorporate security features in order to be on Cloud. However, once this hurdle has been overcome, companies have a lot to offer their customers just by moving from on-premises technology to more flexible and scalable tech.

In supply chain and logistics, it is especially important that your transportation management system is on the Cloud. After all, you cannot connect your supply chain members with technology that is very limited in its collaborative features.

Here are five benefits of Cloud-based TMS technology.

  1.Real-time visibility that reduces calls and emails

Many freight brokers, 3PLs, and other logistics companies often complain about communication issues within their organizations. Every supply chain organization wants to reduce the number of calls and emails that are being made to save everybody time. How can everyone be on the same page without the excessive calls and emails? Through Cloud-based software! When everyone has the same view of every shipment, order, route, etc., there are naturally fewer questions about the whereabouts of inventory, orders, drivers, etc. Your drivers will also be very happy that they know exactly where to go and do not have to call you to ask.

 2. Collaboration in a single, intuitive network environment

Collaboration is at the core of modern Cloud TMS. When all messages can be sent through a single platform, this not only allows everyone to connect through a single portal but also logs any of the past activity for any member of your team, making it simple to go back in and find whatever it is you need. This is what makes supply chain management intuitive and greatly improves visibility.

 3. Automated common workflows

Want to know how you can reduce up to 95% of the manual work required for different workflows? Automate them! Make sure your Cloud TMS has an option for workflow automation that allows you to easily set rules for automatically creating exceptions. 

 4. Greater ability to scale

As your logistics organization grows, you can allow your TMS to grow with you! This is extremely difficult for on-premises software, One of the main benefits of Cloud TMS is the flexibility that you can have in every stage of your company’s growth. There is no need to go through the headache of changing systems when there are higher standards to meet users’ needs. With Cloud, you have the ability to scale up or down as needed with no additional operational costs.

 5. A cost-efficient way to store data

When it comes to storing data, Cloud technology will be the most cost-effective way to do so. This is due to data being stored online, reducing the need for vast amounts of paper. There are additional benefits to having your data securely stored online, including reducing human error and excluding any possibility of losing vital information.

Zara Raza is a Digital Marketing Specialist at Turvo Inc., the world’s #1 collaborative transportation management system. She graduated from the University of California – Irvine in 2019 and has written several blogs on topics such as technology and supply chain management.

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