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As summers are here, you want to surprise your kid with the top designer footwear to flaunt. However, with a lot of variety there in the shoe stores and your kids’ voguish desires might sometimes leave you in perplexing situations. And, choosing the right footwear can become a difficult task and put you in a tight spot.

Fortunately, to end your pursuit and get the super comfy footwear for your kid, we have got a list. From crocs and flip flops to sandals we have covered some amazing kids’ footwear to buy this summer.

Hope this helps you in deciding the appropriate footwear for your little one to satisfy their modish personality and help maintain their feet healthily.

So why wait? Let’s check out some alluring kid’s footwear options to try during the hot months.

Best summer shoes for kids and toddlers to buy


One of the most preferable and breathable footwear optimum for kids and toddlers is sandals.  This footwear has elastic straps to snuggly fit into the feet. Plus, it comes in different bright colours and patterns to attract kids and you can check out some amazing infant boy moccasins too..

Some parents also consider fast drying leather as children tend to be notorious and may spill water or liquids on their shoes. Furthermore, this type of sandal is long-lasting and soft for delicate feet which makes it a prime choice for parents to opt for their kids.

Flip flops

Another trending footwear is flip flops. When talking about hot temperatures, this footwear cannot be skipped. Flip flops are super stylish and comfortable to wear. They are casually worn and keep the feet sweat-free.

They also come with a handy strap to balance the kid’s feet. If you are looking for something simple and cosy for your little one, they can be your best bet. Just consider soft padded or rubber flip flops with classic colours to make your kid feel special and happy.


These are among the most sturdy and long-lasting summer kids’ shoes. They can easily be worn for casual occasions or at special events. In addition, their close-toe is what makes them unique and popular among parents to buy. Also, the kids look neat and nice in this footwear. There are multiple kinds of crocs available in the market with different colours, designs and materials. You can select the best-suited shoes for your child to walk around freely. 


Last but not least are Slip-on. Especially, Canvas slip-on shoes are quite favourite among kids these days. They find this footwear fashionable to wear. Slip-ons are perfect to add to your kid’s summer collection since they are easy to wear, water-friendly, lightweight and simple to clean. Their built material is superb. You can check it yourself by visiting a good kids’ footwear showroom. If your kid likes to stay at home during the hot temperature, you can give your little one slip-ons to wear around the house.


There is no doubt parents leave no stone unturned when it comes to providing comfortable and stylish footwear to their kids. We are sure you also want the best for your kid. Hence, we have mentioned above the most adorable and cosy kids’ footwear to buy for your cutie-pie. Also, these are for both girls and boys. Thus, can be paired with skirts, frocks, shorts, pants, t-shirts and other outfits. 

However, make sure to not commit shoe-buying mistakes like getting the wrong size, not checking the quality of the footwear, getting tempted to design over comfort, and not buying the branded product. Keep in mind these errors, if not can give your kids blisters, swelling, and shoe bites. 

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