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There are a lot of dreams out there to open up a restaurant but for many it is not something that is quite in reach for a few reasons. One thing that could be in reach though is a food truck and surprisingly has a lot of benefits over a restaurant. Food truck financing is always available and easier to get than financing a restaurant due to much lower costs. Below are a few other reasons a food truck could be a better option for you. 

Lower Investment

When it comes to opening up a food truck versus opening a restaurant you will be spending a significant amount less. That is due to the costs of purchasing or renting a building compared to purchasing a food truck. This allows you to put extra money into marketing or equipping your truck with all the necessary equipment in order to operate. The initial cost of a food truck is a fraction of what you would spend on starting a restaurant. 

Low Costs

Comparing the overhead costs of a restaurant to a food truck is a night and day difference. In a restaurant you have utilities, a wide range of employees and property taxes. On the other hand you have the food truck that you only have to pay for gas, a few employees and supplies. Looking at the two, obviously the food truck will have less costs overall because it is a smaller operation that is not within a building. 

Able to Change Location

One of the best benefits of a food truck is that it is able to move locations. This means that you can participate in different events and be at a new location each weekend. Once you find a great location that generates a lot of business you are able to return to that location as you please. Being able to move as you want allows you to experiment with locations and find what benefits you the most. This is a huge advantage compared to restaurants since they are stuck in one place, even if it is not great for business. Food trucks are able to move as needed in order to generate the most business. 

Build Your Brand

Having a food truck is one way to test if your ideas are good enough to survive and create loyal customers. It is a way to see if your food is good and would do well in a restaurant. If your food truck is popular it would allow you to expand and build your business. This could mean that you purchase more food trucks and add more locations. But it could also mean that you want to open a restaurant with your brand and continue to serve your customers in a more intimate setting. Having a food truck that does well just opens more doors for you as a business owner and may allow you to live the dream of having a restaurant because you know you already have a customer base. 

Consider Opening a Food Truck 


Your end goal still may be to open a restaurant but opening a food truck seems to be the smart way to start out. It is a lower initial investment, lower costs in general, location changes and you may be able to expand your brand are all huge advantages of a food truck. Food trucks can be very successful and have much lower costs which is perfect for those who are just getting started as entrepreneurs. 

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