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Like you, your man also loves foreplay. After all, it helps in better arousal and having sensational lovemaking sessions.  

However, there is a common perception among people that men directly want to jump into the main event with their favourite type of condom, whether it be lubricated, dotted or 3 in 1 condom.  But, who doesn’t want to get pampered sexually by the partner to reach the big O moment successfully? Likewise, men also love seeing their women taking charge during the foreplay and showing some sassy moves for exotic sex. 

Want to be the hottest partner for your man to blow away his mind during the foreplay session? Read on to discover some sensuous foreplay tips to try for exhilarating sexual intercourse.

Know his weak spot

Try to look for his weak spot, the one which can turn him all crazy and arouse. For instance, some men’s weakness lies in their neck area while for others it is the ears. Find his weak spot to attack seductively. Once you have found what you are looking for, try kissing, biting, and licking those parts to give him goosebumps. Your man may not reveal but this move totally gives males the utmost pleasure in their physical relationship.

Get your groove on

Another effective way is to set the mood of your man. Play some sassy music, grab him and show your amazing moves. Let him know you love him to get turned on and participate wholeheartedly. This will create a romantic vibe and help build a stronger connection between you two. Furthermore, you can even set a playlist according to his preferences. So why wait, it’s time to get crazy and make him feel loved and special to have satisfying intercourse afterwards.

Don’t forget to spice things up with different flavoured condoms

We cannot imagine foreplay sessions without flavoured condoms. Oh yes, they are an integral part of exotic foreplay. And, men do like integrating various flavoured condoms like chocolate, strawberry, hazelnut, and orange to increase stimulation.

Today, multiple brands are offering numerous flavoured condoms for couples to add to their sessions and get head over heels together. Hence, you must consider buying different flavoured condoms to try in your lovemaking sessions and live magical moments with your partner. 

Why restrict to bed, explore new places

Practising intercourse in the bed regularly can sometimes become boring and may diminish the spark in your sex life. To keep things exciting and fresh, men like to explore different places like the sofa, staircase, and other outdoor spaces to show their passion and commitment to their partners. Surprising them with a beautifully planned date night at a new place for foreplay will definitely make him love you more. 

Some women even consider beginning foreplay while doing household work or in the kitchen to raise the heat level in the bedroom. So, try stimulating your man every now and then, especially outside the bedroom for pleasurable sex.

Along with these, go a little kinky, use sex toys, dress and smell mesmerisingly, and lead a sexual conversation to attract your man effectively. These things are desired by men. Your partner may secretly want you to perform these as well. So, give him a blast and make him crave for you. 

Furthermore, when buying flavoured condoms, ensure to purchase them from the best manufacturers of condoms in India. They provide the top quality products to not hinder your romance and help spice things up seductively.

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