2021 Best Business Directories in the US

January 16, 2021 0 By Rahul Pandey

So, you have decided to build an online business or bring your years-old business into the online world. The current times of uncertainty have pushed several businesses to adapt to online practices. It’s crucial to create a business website and craft an SEO strategy that works.

 As you venture into the realm of digital marketing with a high-quality website, use web directories like stepping stones. US Business Directory is an improvising version of the traditional directories published in the form of books in the past. People no longer have to skimp through pages and alphabetical orders. Business directories are now dynamic, comprehensive, and offer better exposure.

Why Is It Important to Find the Best US Business Directory?

There are several web directories out there that help connect customers with relevant businesses at the time of need but not all of them are created equal. It may even harm you to add listings in irrelevant directories. Thus, it is best to search for the best websites before considering them for your business.

The process of adding your business in different directories across the internet is also called citation building. Each listing is an online citation as you add the basic credentials NAP (Name, Address, Phone numbers) for your business. The advanced filtering and suggestion mechanisms paired with the data retrieving powers of these directories can amplify your online presence.

Whatever your industry niche is, these are some of the best business listing directories for 2021.

Google My Business

Any digital marketing expert would agree that the most popular online directory in the world is Google My Business. It is not surprising because, you guessed it right, it is associated with the most popular search engine “Google”. You are more likely to reap all the benefits of adding your business listing when you have an accurate listing on Google My Business.

The first step is pretty basic. Creating your account on Google and search for your business. If it is already added, claim it. If not, add it. Fill in the required details accurately and you will be required to wait for the verification process. It will take some time but as soon as it is done, you are ready to connect with your potential customers on Google.

Apple Maps

Apple happens to be a trusted authority when it comes to smartphones and gadgets. It has its directory specifically designed for Apple users, known as Apple Maps. It is considered one of the most important directories. It facilitates its users with instant map directions that improve the accessibility of your business. Thus, it would be safe to say that adding your business to Apple Maps is one of the smartest decisions you can take this year.

LinkedIn Company Directory

Rare for small businesses and common for medium businesses, connecting with professionals of the field is an important aspect of growth. If your primary objective is to connect with the professionals LinkedIn Company directory is the best option out there.

With the vast network of LinkedIn, you have a better chance to connect with professionals and prospective customers linked with those businesses. It could be an equally beneficial platform when you are hiring people for your business.


Crunchbase is a trusted web directory with millions of users. It is a comprehensive platform that can help you discover more leads and help you track identify innovative companies in your target sector. You can elevate your search and improve your reach using the premium Crunch base pro. It is equipped with advanced search filters, analysis tools, and company alerts to bring opportunities closer. Crunch base is a crowd-sourced platform so you have to create an account and authenticate it first.

Bing Places

Bing happens to be the default browser for Microsoft and that makes it a legit platform to add your business. If you don’t want to miss out on the Microsoft users, register your business right now. Add the accurate required details or basic credentials and wait for the account to be verified. Once your business listing is added, visit the site every few months to check the information and update any changes.


Yelp is a household name when it comes to searching for any business type. The stellar reputation of this directory makes it the best place, to begin with. It is relevant for almost every kind of legal business possible!


Here are twos simple facts about Foursquare you must know! More than 93% of local storefronts represent 2 million of the businesses already listed on Foursquare. And this online directory is visited by 20 million people every month. Claim your listing as soon as possible to get in touch with people who are looking for businesses like yours.

Citylocal Pro

Add your business for free on Citylocal Pro and enjoy the benefits of its vas and growing reach. The online directory is one of the most reliable names in the US.  Whether you run a business in Virginia, Florida, or Texas, when it comes down to improving your local reach, Citylocal pro is a trusted name. Connecting with local customers to improve the conversion rates.

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