20 Best Background Music Apps for singing and video editing

20 Best Background Music Apps for singing and video editing

August 23, 2019 0 By Anonymus

“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.”
― Plato

Has it ever happened to you that a certain piece of music has brought back a million memories of a certain time that you thought was lost somewhere in the deep dark corner of your heart? You slip back in the moments from those good old days and thought for a split second, you find reliving those times. Music can evoke joys, sorrows, motivation, fears, and all that without even without words. Music has some admirably interesting effects on our minds as well.

In addition to increasing focus, reducing stress, it can also help boost one’s memory. The background music apps are some of the best innovation in technology nowadays. Background music is used in videos to stimulate emotions. Also, singers are widely using apps for background music rather than installing a big studio. In this article, you will know about the top trending best background apps that can be used by anyone without any special technical knowledge.

Best Apps For Background Music:

How to add background music to your videos and in a productive and easy way is the concern for this article today because let’s be honest, isn’t it a menace for most of us to find the proper background music apps and to implement them efficiently?

Worry not! We are here today to help foster the singer in you. Here are 20 most amazing apps for background music to help you create some awesome original content.

Below are The Top Background Music Apps:

1. Karaoke-O-GoGo :

background music apps

Top background music apps

Let’s face it, even if you might be blessed with an amazing voice, it will take hard work and practice to perfect those tricky notes. This autotune app will let you achieve that with the comfort of a click. What’s so special about this application is that it can play Mp3+G songs from your SD Card.

Also, it has a quick play mode that allows you to have short sing-along sessions even during small breaks.

2.Video star :

This is quite user-friendly and an easy to use app to add background music to videos. This is one of the best apps for background music to use on your Apple devices, this is an app is an excellent option as it is available for free and also they offer in-app-purchase to ensure you get all the desired effects at the comfort of a click.

3. Magistro :

background music apps

Magistro is among those background music apps that don’t require God-level video editing skills for creating attractive content and with the added benefit of android compatibility along with iOS compatibility. This again is super user-friendly. All you need is to follow three simple steps and some innovation and there you are, sailed on the journey of fame.

4. Songify :

background music apps

apps for background music

This is again by Smule. This app for background music and auto-tuning is simple to comprehend. Just tap the circle with the app’s logo on it and walla, it starts recording, all you need to do is speak. Yeah, you heard it right, just speak. Singing isn’t obligatory. Songify is designed to tune most common words into songs.

The single limitation of this app is that not many tunes are available for free. But the tracks are at an affordable price.

5. VideoSound :

background music apps

This is among the best background music apps available for all the Instagram lovers out there. Though designed only for Apple devices, this app for background music has gained a lot of popularity among vine and Facebook users as well as it facilitates addition of your favorite music on videos from iTunes and also comes with the additional benefit of adding a background music player to the photos such a photo slideshow with music can be created.

6. StarMaker :

background music apps

As the name suggests, the purpose of this application is to make you a star. Its awesome auto-tune features can help you climb the Olympus glory. With more than 500 tracks in its library, it is a popular background music app for recordings. New cantons can also be purchased on this application.

7. Viva Video :

background music apps

This app is a wee bit different than the other 2 we have talked about. This app allows you to shoot your own videos and also has background music players for letting you create that cinematic masterpiece you always dreamt of. Also, viva videos have unquestionable compatibility as it works fine with both android and iOS.

8. iMovie :

Manufactured by developers from Apple, this is another great background music app for videos. It is quite powerful and has very few limitations with features to enhance video color settings, cropping, and rotation, stabilizing shaky videos, adding video transition, speeding up or down the video clips, to name a few.
It also supports multi-clip video edits such as creating a cutaway, replacing the background using blue or green screens, creating split-screen and picture and picture effect.

9. Splice :background music apps

Originally developed by GoPro, Splice for Apple and Android devices is a great background music app for videos.
This background music app has the options of built-in timer that acts as a great aid if you don’t want your video or music to overlap when editing and mixing your favorite video clips.
The features provided by this app :

  • Trimming and clipping of video clips such that highlights are focused upon.
  • Music can be added from both your library or by iTunes integration.
  • Transitions can be inserted for a smooth shift between videos and pictures.
  • Effects to enhance video ca be applied.
  • Social media sharing

10. YouTube :

background music apps

YouTube’s audio library is another awesome feature YouTube provides for its users to avail background music for videos from its massive audio library. It allows you to filter songs according to their genre, instrument, duration, attribution and even mood. Also, you have the facility to sort the list according to popularity. From your YouTube account just go to Creator studio>Create>audio library.

11. Tune Me :

background music apps

Apps background music

Tune Me is one of the most famous auto-tune apps available on the play store. Its pitch correction makes you sound like your favorite stars like Akon, T-Pain, Kanye West, etc. It even permits you to share your personal creativity with others in addition to letting you load and record any track you like.

12. Reply :

Reply provides in app-purchase which makes it possible for us to get rid of watermarks, effects, filters when adding background music for videos. A limitation of this application is that it is compatible only with iOS devices and not androids. But on the plus side, it has a neat and clean UI that makes it very user-friendly.

13. Music Video Maker: Slideshow

background music apps

This music on a video app for background music is quite user-friendly and efficient one. Its background music player helps create and share awesome, fun and inspiring photo music videos and stories. All this in just four simple steps :

  •  Select your favorite photos and videos from your phone.
  • Add the best background music, filters and texts to your pictures.
  • Share!
  • Save them privately for only your to access them.

14. Auto-Tune Mobile Apps :

background music apps

This application, as the name suggests also used auto-tune technology to level and clean your voice.
While singing, this app detects the ups and downs in your notes and corrects them to give you that perfect pitch. Also, for noobs like me, this application uses chromatic scales to customize the tonality of the desired range.

15. MicDroid :

background music apps

This application has same functionalities as I Am T-Pain, basically, it is an android version of Apple’s I Am T-Pain. It has a large variety of tracks to tune your pitch such that you can easily record your songs and share it on social media with your friends.

Features :

  • Automatic pitch-correction
  •  On-the-fly pitch correction
  •  Email recordings
  •  Set recordings as ringtone
  •  Disable/enable ads in settings

16. MixBit :

background music apps

Created by two of the three co-founders of YouTube, Steve Chen and Chad Hurley; this is another great app for putting music in the background.in addition to having background music player for both android and Apple, this app, as the name suggests, allows mixing of multiple video clips without distorting the music. MixBit was launched for iOS on August 8th, 2013 and the Android version followed in October the same year.

It is also a popular video-sharing app that even competed with vine and Instagram in video sharing website market.

17. I Am T-Pain :

background music apps

An auto-tune app from Smule provides real-time customization of your pitch and also adds warbles to your voice, all you need to do is just speak. You may rap without music or use its background music player to add. It can also cope with speaking pets.

Some major limitations of this application are that it doesn’t allow you to save your recordings, all you get is a link to where the recording resides in the Smule library. Also, only iPhone users share the benefit of this app, plus it is not a freeware. Yet it is rated as one of the top apps for background music.

18. Clipper :

Another Ios compatible background music app to add music on videos. Many videos can be stitched together using this app such that the video’s background music doesn’t overlap and plays constantly.
Clipper’s disadvantage is that it fails to save your work every time.

  • Lets you combine multiple clips.
  • Trim the length of your videos.
  • There are 5 Instagram styles to choose from and two more sets of six effects each for in app-purchase.
  • Six music options: pop, dubstep, dramatic, folk, piano, electronic pop. Also when you upgrade, you’ll have the option to choose music from your library.

19. Lumify: Video editor

background music apps

Another great option for iPhone users, Lumify is not only a super user-friendly and one of the best background music apps but also allows you to mix videos. A voice-over can also be added in place of music.

Features :

  • 1080p HD recording.
  • 20 real-time filters and effects.
  • Sync videos with a soundtrack.
  • Record voice overs.
  • Zoom and crop videos.

20. YouTube Capture :

background music apps

This app provides music on videos and also edit them after which the video can easily be shared on YouTube. It is more suitable for iOS users and is free of cost. However, a major limitation of this application is that a new video cannot be inserted hence any mixing of different clips is not there.

Features :

  • Record video.
  • Basic edits and trimming
  • Automatic color correction and stabilization.
  • Drag-and-drop interface for trimming video length.
  • Privacy can be set before uploading the video.
  • Social media sharing

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Final Words on Best Background Music Apps

So this was all about some of the auto-tune and best background music apps that one could use to put music in the videos and to record your own songs. So open your hearts out and sing in the traffic jam, bathroom or wherever your heart desires, these apps will help you achieve your dream vocals. Stay tuned at dailyjunkies for more related posts.

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