15 Amazing facts about the Universe and God

15 Amazing facts about the Universe and God

August 12, 2018 6 By Anonymus

The universe seems to be a strange place, the more we understand its laws and working. In the recent research and experiments by quantum physics, it is suggested that universe originated from nothing. There was absolutely nothing before big bang as suggested by quantum theory. Now comes the big question- “A Universe from Nothing”? How can something come out of nothing? The more we try to understand how the universe was created, the more complex answer it comes out! While finding the answer to our existence we come across some “amazing facts about the universe and god”.

Milky way collision with Andromeda

The Hubble telescope has reported that our milky way is going to collide with the Andromeda galaxy in the next 4 billion years. The force of gravity between the stars of two galaxies is causing both to approach each other. In fact, the Andromeda galaxy is approaching towards earth at a speed of 250,000 miles per hour. This speed will increase as it comes close to the Milky Way. Although the distance between the stars is enough to prevent the collision from each other! But the entry of new stars will disrupt the orbits and eventually cause an imbalance in the orbit rotation.

amazing facts about the universe and god

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Asteroid hitting earth in 2029:

Thousands of years ago many asteroids and meteors have collided with earth causing the extinction of species. It is predicted by NASA that an asteroid 1000 foot wide will come as close as 18,500 miles from earth. The distance is almost 1/10th the distance between earth and moon. Even you will be able to see it through the naked eye. Although some scientists believe that this asteroid will tangentially pass by the earth but still there is a rare chance of this asteroid colliding with the earth. The rock will return 7 years later in 2036 but it will be millions of miles away.

amazing facts about the universe and god

How old is the life on earth?

The big bang is known to be the cause of the creation of the universe. It happened around 13.8 billion years ago. At that time the temperature of the universe was extremely high. With the passage of time when the gases cooled earth was formed at contained oceans only. It was after millions of years, the volcanic eruptions, sedimentation, and collision with meteors and asteroids caused the formation of small continents. The first form of life was formed 3.8 billion years ago and it was a single-celled organism. It was the evolution of these organisms that led to what we are today. Homo sapiens on earth are only 200,000 years old.

amazing facts about the universe and god

Even when you are standing still or sleeping, you are moving:

You sit in a car and the car is moving. So is the case of earth’s rotation. Earth is always moving so is the milky way. In fact, the Milky Way is moving at 225 kilometers per second. When we sum up all the rotation factors it comes up that you are moving around 20000 kilometers per second. The universe is designed in a way for the survival of life on earth. What if the earth stops rotating? Winds will start blowing at a speed of 1000 miles per hour in the direction of its rotation. Life will be finished in a fraction of time. The universe is just perfect.

amazing facts about the universe and god

The moon is drifting away from the earth by 3.8cms every year:

The moon is moving out of its orbit around 3.8cms every year. It pulls the ocean water towards itself creating a tidal bulge. This bulge pulls back the moon. However, the earth is moving faster than the moon and hence this bulge tries to increase the moon’s speed. In return, the moon tries to slow down the earth. The energy lost in tidal friction is gained by the moon and it goes outside its orbit by a few centimeters every year. A time will come when the earth will be so far from the moon that a day would be longer than a month.

amazing facts about the universe and god

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We are made of star stuff:

All the matter that we see today is made up of stardust. When we look at the chemical composition of the matter that we see today, everything has its origin in the stars. During the early stage of the universe, only hydrogen gas was there. The immense pressure and temperature at that time caused fusion of hydrogen to form helium. And from these two gases, the remaining chemical elements were formed. All the life and the atoms in our bodies were created in the furnace of high temperature and pressure of stars that are dead today.

Olympus Mons on Mars: The highest peak known to humans

The highest peak known to humans is not the Mount Everest. Mount Everest is the highest peak on Earth only. But when we consider all discoveries, then the highest peak known to us is the Olympus Mons Mountain on Mars. It is roughly 3 times the height of Mount Everest. It is approximately 27kms tall.

amazing facts about the universe and god

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Higgs Boson God particle:

The term god particle has to do nothing with the picture of God. The Higgs field was discovered in 1964 by a Physicist named Peter Higgs. However, the particle related to the Higgs field- Higgs Boson was not discovered yet. It was getting so difficult to discover that he called it the “Goddamn particle”. However, the media in 2012 on the discovery of Higgs Boson named it God particle to get more attention.

amazing facts about the universe and god

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The Higgs Field is everywhere in the universe. In fact, the mass of anything arises due to the interaction of the particle with the Higgs field. Like electron and Top Quark are two subatomic particles of the same size. But Top Quark weighs thousands time more than an electron. It is because the top quark interacts more with the Higgs field as compared to an electron.

If there was no Higgs field there would have been no mass of an object.

Black Holes and Warm holes:

Albert Einstein himself never believed in the existence of black holes although his own theory predicted them. A black hole is a region in space where the gravitational pull is so strong that nothing can escape out of it. Even light cannot escape from the black holes that is why they are called black. Inside a black hole, nothing can exist.

amazing facts about the universe and god

Wormholes are shortcut passages through the universe that reduce the distance between two different parts of the world. Although they are considered hypothetical if we find wormholes, we could travel in time.

Why is the universe expanding and will it expand forever?

amazing facts about the universe and god

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Albert Einstein believed gravity the only force in his “static universe”. And according to him, there will come a time when the universe will collapse under its own gravity. It was discovered by the Hubble telescope that the universe was expanding. The distant galaxies were going far from us. It was not only expanding but also accelerating. Now only two cases arise. One is the universe will keep accelerating and expanding. The second case is that the universe will collapse under its own gravity. It is the pressure and density of matter that will decide the fate of the universe. If the density is less than the critical density, the universe will expand forever. However, if it is more than it, it will come to an end one day. The dark energy is responsible for the expansion of the universe.

Dark Matter and Dark Energy: What is the dark matter made up of?

amazing facts about the universe and god

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The scariest part of the universe is that it contains only 5% visible matter. It has been years since we are trying to unfold the truth of reality but the strange part is we have known only 5% of our reality.

It was observed that the universe was not only expanding but the rate was expanding. Einstein proved by his theory of gravity that light bends around matter. It was observed that even in empty space light bent by a significant amount. It is actually the dark matter that is not visible.

Dark matter hardly interacts with normal matter. Dark energy is the cause of the accelerated expansion of the universe. It is present in empty space and causes the expansion of space. With the expansion of the universe, the gravity is weakening causing 2/3rd of the energy in the universe to be dark energy. We hardly know the behavior of dark energy. The scary part is the universe is 67% dark energy that we do not know about.

Why do we need the sun? Importance of light in our life:

amazing facts about the universe and god

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Can life on earth still be prevalent when there is no Sun? Sun performs various vital functions that are the reason for the existence of life on earth. Without sunlight, everything will be cold and the humans or any other species will find it hard to sustain on this planet. There will be no food as sunlight is essential for the synthesis of food.

Spiritually everything in the cosmos is connected and everything has a perfect balance. The sunlight and the human body cycle have a direct connection with the activity of the brain of a person. That is why it is advised to wake up early in the morning. It is because that is the time to align your energies with the natural vibration of the cosmos. Sun radiates the miracle 432 Hz frequency known as the sound of sun which is the natural frequency of the whole creation in the world we know.

The observer effect: Reality does not exist if you are not looking at it

It is a famous experiment of how the material nature of this world is only due to your presence. Nothing exists if you are not looking at it. This implies that a sound only exists if you are hearing it. If you are not conscious of the sound there will be no sound. This seems strange but check out the Dr. Quantum experiment that will blow your mind and question things in a new way. There is no existence without perception.

Why science does not disprove god:

amazing facts about the universe and god

This is yet another part of amazing facts about the Universe and God. With the advancement of science and engineering, we have come towards one of the finest mysteries of the universe. Scientists can make possible most of the complex reactions in chemistry. They can answer the situation of the universe immediately after the big bang. But the point is we are still very far from a complete model that describes the working of the universe without the need for a creator. Today quantum physics proves to a great extent that things can come out of nothing. We used to ask what existed before Big Bang? Today the answer is nothing. Things can come out of nothing. But we cannot explain this. So can out universe come out of nothing? Science is way far from explaining this.

The Multiverse theory: Do parallel Universes exist?

It is believed that there could be an infinite number of the universe with a different version of reality having same “you”. The particles in the universe can be arranged in an infinite number of ways with possible combinations. These combinations will have a meaning in another alternate reality like ours. Also, we do not know the space-time curve shape. We assume it to be flat indicating that the universe will never come to an end. To support this theory the idea of parallel universes is perfect. It is like one universe coming to an end and its parallel version is some ages back and so on. Even Stephen Hawking before his death published a paper regarding the multiverse theory.

amazing facts about the universe and god

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This was all about amazing facts about the Universe and God. Hope you enjoyed reading it!

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