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12 Quick Tips To Better Sleep

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12 Quick Tips To Better Sleep
  1. Eat a healthy, well-balanced diet.
  2. Enjoy some time in the sunshine: This will help your internal body clock.
  3. Lower your stress by practicing relaxation exercises.
  4. Move: get up and move; this helps reduce pain and fatigue.
  5. Avoid napping after 3:00 pm.
  6. Go to bed and wake up at the same time daily; setting a routine will help you to maintain quality sleep.
  7. If you can’t sleep at night, get out of bed after 20 minutes of trying and do something relaxing to help promote sleep.
  8. Avoid caffeine after 2:00 pm.
  9. Avoid “blue light” before bed.
  10. Don’t panic if you can’t sleep; it will only stress you more and make it more difficult to sleep; try listening to https://www.sleepwithmepodcast.com.
  11. Find support by talking with a psychologist, and visit your doctor to rule out any reasons that you may be struggling to sleep. There may be many contributing factors to your not sleeping. Following the above tips may help you to fall asleep easier and stay asleep longer. 
  12. Consider a new mattress find out why hybrid mattresses are so good.


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