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GTA V is a huge game. Even if you finish the main tale, the fun doesn’t have to stop there. After you finish the game, here are some fun things you can do.

Grand Theft Auto V is an understatement. Even after all these years, it’s still popular. Replayability is a factor. GTA V’s hilarious plot and massive online multiplayer keep it popular six years after its debut. Rockstar’s open-world games include plenty of content.

Los Santos is a well-designed game setting. It’s hard to keep up with everything happening. After the game, you’ll want more. Here’s what to do after reading about Franklin, Michael, and Trevor.

Find a House

There are several companies and properties for sale in GTA V’s universe. Once purchased, you’ll begin receiving a regular salary and may be asked to complete a job or assignment. They range from purely amusing to very lucrative.

Learn a New Skill

In San Andreas, you have a slew of possibilities to grow intellectually rather than ethically as a person, and you should seize them while you can.

However, there are a lot of interesting things to learn and experience in Grand Theft Auto V. To learn how to fly, enroll in pilot training at a local flight school. Michael taught yoga, you can learn how to jump out of a plane like him, and you can become a wildlife photographer and so much more after that. 

Assassinate a target

Throughout the main game, Lester begs you to assassinate notable people. First asks for a big favor in The Hotel Assassination. Four assassinations follow the first.

If you like, you may do some after the game. After the last theft, you’ll have the most money, so wait until after the major narrative. To maximize your stock market returns, invest as much as possible. Assassinations of high-profile people boost certain stocks. Research first.


Grand Theft Auto games include an abundance of collectibles, particularly when you’re aiming for 100%. Collectibles in Grand Theft Auto V come in all shapes and sizes.

If you’re looking for a new car, keep an eye out for the 50 spaceship components that will unlock a new vehicle, and look attentively at scraps of paper to discover who killed Leona Johnson. There’s a ton of stuff to hunt down and gather all around the globe!

GTA Online

Let’s start with the obvious one. The first thing you’ll want to do after finishing the main game goes onto GTA Online. Despite the fact that this online community has been around for six years, new modes and changes are always being introduced to it. With or without a bunch of pals, you may cause havoc in the city of Los Santos. 

The game’s heist co-op objectives stand out. People may have forgotten they were published two years after GTA V. These enjoyable projects need collaboration. Rockstar isn’t slowing down with GTA Online. 

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Playing the Stock Market

Rockstar’s open-world games have features no one desired until they played them. GTA V’s economy, replete with a stock market (hilariously nicknamed BAWSAQ), was a pleasant surprise for many. The story should end with a large quantity of money. Invest your blood money.

Many Los Santos enterprises have listed competitors. You may by Clucking Bell shares and seek for TacoBomb trucks. When Clucking Bell’s stock rises, buy a private aircraft.

Aim to Find All Strangers And Creeps

GTA V’s Strangers and Freaks missions include numerous notable moments. You could like a cult with too many dues. If you want to smoke a joint during an alien invasion, watch this.

You may engage in all of the game’s hilarious events by finding Strangers and Freaks. They all have side goals yet work together. You’ll want to complete as many of them as possible to finish the game.

Gain Gold Medals by Replaying Missions

For the detail-oriented. “Solid Gold, Baby” is one of GTA V’s toughest missions. To unlock it, you must win 70 gold medals. The game features 109 missions, 69 main narrative and 58 Strangers and Freaks. The Paleo Score doesn’t need a gold medal. It’s hard to get gold there.

Simply click Game in the pause menu to replay missions. You should be able to see all your completed tasks and medals. GTA V’s missions are mostly hilarious, so it won’t be a drag. Except Trevor’s port scouting. This mission taunts Rockstar’s players.

Re-enacting Robberies

You must repeat heists to acquire gold medals. When reliving classic missions, it’s intriguing to see how different circumstances play out. Heists provide several team members and strategies. Is that it? Want a more tactical approach?

You may replay these games to assess your original approach. This won’t give you game money or affect the narrative. It’s fun to try out different options instead of starting again.

Find All The Easter Eggs And Secrets

Los Santos’ expansive environment is easy to get lost in. Rockstar’s attention to detail has always been praised. GTA V’s gameplay is similar. Game has secrets and Easter eggs. Aliens, Bigfoot, and ghosts are examples. You’ll have to dig to find many of these secrets. How to acquire these rewards is well-documented.

Make Yourself Wild With Cheats

GTA always has cheat codes. Everyone remembers San Andreas’ tank summoning. GTA V brings back old button codes. You must insert silly cheat codes.

Anarchy in the open world is great sometimes. You may play like a god with these cheat codes. These include indestructibility, reversing gravity, and controlling the weather. Turn on these codes! Create a second save the file to protect your achievements and trophies.

It’s time to pamper yourself

The story ends with you wealthy. How will you spend your money? Take a rest! The game’s online shop sells several cars. Ironically, you buy cars in Grand Theft Auto.

Even if you don’t want to buy a sports car, you can still excel in the game. Buy a military jet! Buying online is easier than sneaking into a military base.

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