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12 Food Choices for a Healthy Bedtime Snack

by John

while since your last meal. You want to make use of the fact that your snack fills your stomach and fuels your body. If you do have a nighttime snack, make it a healthy one. Here is a list of 12 snacks that will leave you guilt-free after eating your late-night cravings.

Delicious Whole Grain Options

  1. Any whole-grain cereal with nonfat milk is an excellent idea for a snack that leaves you full. The carbs from the cereal and the protein from the milk help you fall asleep and stay asleep. Milk contains calcium and magnesium, which help your body produce melatonin.
  2. Whole grain oatmeal is an excellent choice because of all the fiber it has. Fiber helps keep you fuller for more extended periods. Sweeten it with fruit, natural sugar or honey for a sweet treat on top.
  3. Whole-grain bread topped with any nut butter and bananas or avocados are ideal healthy late night snacks. This snack packs a big punch of nutrition, vitamin B6 and magnesium. All these nutrients have sleep-inducing properties.

Nuts That Promote Health and Sleep

  1. Almonds are considered tree nuts and are a great way to get nutrients. They are also a fantastic source of the sleep hormone melatonin, which signals your body to sleep. Magnesium is another sleep-inducing vitamin found in almonds that improves your quality of sleep.
  2. Cashews are another great way to fill you up and help you sleep. Like almonds, they contain magnesium that acts as a natural sedative. They also contain vitamin E and potassium, allowing oxygen and different nutrients to flow through the blood.

Healthy Fruits To Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

  1. Dates are a tremendous sticky sweet treat that will curve any sugar craving. They are a natural source of antioxidants, fiber and potassium. They are even better with your favorite peanut butter and a little granola, which will keep you fuller longer. A healthy dose of potassium is a good choice to help you rest.
  2. Red Grapes are a delicious treat with vitamins C and K and bursting with antioxidants. You can try another unexpected way to eat them, which is frozen. This will give you a cooling popsicle fill and supply you with melatonin, which grapes have plenty.
  3. Bananas are associated with breakfast, but they contain high potassium and magnesium levels. These vitamins are a natural muscle relaxer, putting your body at ease for your night’s rest.

Drinks To Snack On

  1. A green smoothie might not sound like the ideal late-night snack, but you will be surprised. This smoothie contains kale and spinach, full of vitamins like magnesium, calcium and other antioxidants that create restful sleep. Deficiencies in potassium and magnesium are linked to insomnia.
  2. The Golden Milkshake is good to sip on before bed and sends you to a peaceful sleep. The milkshake gets its golden color from turmeric, which is soothing, so you have a sound sleep. Turmeric is also a natural anti-inflammatory.
  3. Protein shakes are not just good after a workout, but a soy-based protein powder has tryptophan which is helpful for your quality of sleep. Add a banana to make it taste like dessert and for extra sleep aid.
  4. Moon Milk might be something you have not heard of yet. It is warmed milk with added honey and cinnamon for sweetness. It is delicious, but it is used to treat insomnia naturally.

You often ask yourself if giving in to the late-night craving is worth it. When you feel the need to snack around bedtime, try to make a healthy choice. There are many wonderful things to choose from to get you full and help you sleep. You will feel good about your preferences and be off to a peaceful sleep and a better morning.

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