11 Reasons Why You Should Make Good Sleep a Priority

11 Reasons Why You Should Make Good Sleep a Priority

April 9, 2019 0 By Anonymus

Sleep is an essential part of our everyday lives. It is a period whereby the human body is put in a resting mode for renewal, restoration of the body systems, and maintenance of cognitive functions.
Do you know that failure to get enough sleep is adverse for your health and puts your life at risk? Good sleeping habits should be encouraged because of its vital role in boosting optimal functionality and promoting good health.

Here’s why you need quality sleep daily.

1. Weight Control: Poor sleep is heavily linked to abnormal weight gain; getting enough quality sleep on a daily basis is advised if you are looking towards shedding some pounds. Not sleeping enough causes the body to have increased levels of a hormone known as ghrelin, and this tends to make you overfeed, thus leading to weight gain. Lack of sleep is associated with a higher body mass index in most individuals who have insomnia.

2. Productivity: It is without a doubt that waking up after having about 7-9 hours of sleep makes you feel sharper and alert. This is a good thing, actually because it takes a sound mind to engage better in productive activities. Quality sleep can help get that energy boost you so desire to function excellently in a working environment.

3. Memory: Good sleep in the form of rapid eye movement, sleep aids memory. It is believed that REM sleep plays a vital role in the brain’s ability to learn and remember since it is during REM sleep that the brain processes, consolidate, and stores information into the long-term memory. Getting good nights of sleep can be difficult for many; however, there are many sleep gadgets, like sleep monitors, sleep headphones or bed cooling and heating products to help you sleep cooler and track your sleep cycles or regulate your body temperature, to ensure you get that sound sleep.

4. Concentration & Focus: Have you ever getting out of bed after a short interrupted sleep to notice that you have aches and difficulty trying to concentrate? The reason for this is because a sleep-deprived individual tends to find it harder to focus as sound sleep is essential for boosting cognition and critical thinking. There have been several recorded cases of road accidents, and the common cause was found out to dizziness as a result of the lack of good quality sleep.

5. Diabetes: Diabetes mellitus is a killer disease that significantly affects how the body uses glucose. The lack of quality sleep causes insulin resistance, which is responsible for regulating glucose levels.

6. Risk of Heart Disease: Several studies have linked poor sleeping habits to increased chances of getting a heart disease. Poor sleep affects the body adversely by increasing coronary artery calcification and causing hypertension (high blood pressure). Good sleeping culture should be embraced by the aged and young ones to help eliminate the risks of cardiovascular diseases.

7. Reduces Fatigue: You must get enough quality sleep to begin the next day in a sharp, energetic state. Fatigue is characterized by the feeling of tiredness, drowsiness, and lack of energy to embark on one’s normal life activities. Quality sleep is key to dealing with fatigue; taking a cold bath after rigorous daily activities can help you achieve this.

8. Sleep affects Immunity: Sleeps goes a long way in boosting your immune system. Good sleep stimulates the immune cells and aids the proper functioning of the immune system to ward off infections and germs. It is crucial to maintain good sleeping patterns if you desire to keep fit and be healthy.

9. Appearance: Quality sleep promotes overall body appearance and beauty.
You wouldn’t have to worry about anyone throwing snide remarks at you for having those terrible looking eye bags and dull face if you maintain good quality sleeping habits. The term “beauty sleep” is not a myth; good sleep is essential for a youthful look, and it will make your skin appear more radiant and glowing. Lack of quality sleep makes the body age faster.

10. Healing: A lack of proper sleep can impair the ability of damaged cells and tissues to repair after an injury. Damaged cells take time to heal, and depriving the body of enough quality sleep can extend cell renewal and replacement interval making your wounds heal at a much slower pace than average.

11: Mood Boost: You are more likely to feel happier and better after a decent quality night rest. Sleep deprivation makes you cranky and can trigger depression, which will result in the order of unpleasant disorders.
Nothing beats a quality bedtime after a hectic day at work or school. Insomnia and other chronic sleep disorders can be frustrating, but there are proven ways to combat them, these include:

  • Taking a shower before bedtime
  • Avoiding caffeine, alcohol, and medications that can alter healthy sleeping patterns
  • Use of insomnia apps and sleep trackers to achieve that quality sleep.

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