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The anime world has gained massive popularity in the United States. The phenomenon has spread from Japan to other countries, and today it is recognized as a global phenomenon. Over the past decade, anime has become one of the most popular genres among young adults and teenagers. This popularity is not just limited to those who watch anime but also includes fans of Japanese culture in general. This has led to Crunchyroll, Funimation, and even Netflix networks. These streaming services allow users to either pay a monthly/yearly fee or watch a limited number of shows for free. 

However, several high-quality anime downloads are available on the internet that are easily accessible and can be saved to your computer and mobile device. Some websites rank higher than others for various reasons. 

This article addresses 11 popular anime download sites.

1-AnimeSol – 

It is an anime and manga magazine that provides users with several options for streaming or downloading their favorite shows. The site receives a high recommendation from top anime review sites such as AniDB and MyAnimeList due to its simplicity and ease of use.  is a free, anonymous, and secure BitTorrent tracker used to download torrents.You can download anime movies for free of cost from this site.

2-AnimeNewsCentral – 

This site is one of the top anime download sites for several reasons. It is highly rated due to its large selection of subtitles that come with every show. Not only does the site rent out subtitles for many anime, but also it allows users to download these shows directly from their website in some cases.

3-Crunchyroll – 

This is probably one of the most popular anime download sites out there. It has partnered with several other streaming companies to give users of the service the ability to watch their shows on the go. It has an extensive collection of plays that can be streamed for free, and it also allows users to save their favorites for later. There are even hundreds of presentations that Crunchyroll has licensed exclusively, which cannot be streamed anywhere else. But through their service (such as Death Note or A Certain Magical Index).

4-FreeAnimeDownloader – 

Here, you will find a database of over 800 different anime shows rated on a scale from one to five. The website is updated regularly, and its database provides users with the option to watch shows of Blu-Ray quality or stream from their website. If users prefer to download it, they can do so for free via the site’s downloading software.

5-Youtube – 

Youtube is not just a site filled with educational videos, but it has become a go-to place for people to find content from all across the web. Several popular anime series have been translated into English and uploaded to Youtube for users to watch, including their translations and subtitles. This site also has several Hollywood movies available in English and Japanese.

6-MyAnimeList – 

This site has multiplied since its introduction in 2010. It allows users to rate and review shows and find a list of recommendations for other shows based on the ones they’ve already watched. It also helps users determine what shows are worth watching, allowing them to create their favorites lists.

7-NyaaTorrents – 

One of the largest anime sites where users can download their favorite episodes. The main reason NyaaTorrents has gained such a large following is its close association with The Pirate Bay, one of the largest torrent sites on the web in which anything can be searched for and downloaded with ease. Users of NyaaTorrents can find a plethora of shows within a short period.

8-AniDB –

This site is mainly used for reviews. However, it also provides users with the ability to download anime episodes. Since AniDB does not host the torrent itself, it can remain free from legal issues. However, users are still encouraged to support their favorite creators by directly purchasing official merchandise and DVDs/Blu-Rays.

9-AnimeFreakPlanet – 

This site offers users an easy-to-use interface where they can filter searches by subcategory or genre. Users are also given the option of downloading them directly from their website or streaming it through different services such as Crunchyroll, Funimation, and Netflix.

10-Trakt. TV:

It is a website created in 2010 by members of the video gaming community. It allows users to keep track of their favorite shows and movies while watching them on their computer or mobile device. Users can also post any show that they have watched on the website.

11-PelicanHole – 

This site is another one of the largest sites where users can view or download high-quality shows. It has an extensive range of shows, and the site also provides users with a list of the top 10 anime episodes of the month. Upon joining, visitors are also given access to other websites such as The Pirate Bay and others to download anime content.

Conclusion: Many anime download sites are out there, but not all are created equal. To find the best places for downloading your favorite shows, you should check out this article. Each site listed has its own set of pros and cons, and we’ve described them in detail so that you know exactly what to expect from each one, in addition to showing you which sites are the most popular and well-known among anime fans.

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