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According to stats, by 2030, the US will have a massive nursing shortage. And it is due to the aging baby boomer population and an increase in people with chronic health conditions. The need for nurses will only grow, making now the perfect time to get your nursing degree. 

It is no secret that a nursing degree can be tough. But there are ways to make it easier on yourself.

This article will explore some tips and tricks to help make your nursing degree a little bit easier.

  • Get Organized And Stay On Top Of Your Studies

One of the best ways to make your nursing degree easier is to get organized and stay on top of your studies. It means creating a study schedule and sticking to it, taking good notes in class, and doing your readings.


It also means being proactive about your learning. If you don’t understand something, ask your professor or a TA. And if you’re struggling with a particular concept, plenty of online resources and study aids help you out. Aspiring professionals also ideal to avoid the “all work and no play” stereotype. A healthy balance of work and play is crucial to maintaining your sanity during nursing school. 


Similarly, there are many affordable RN to BSN degree online programs to make getting your degree easier. The programs are flexible and can be tailored to your schedule.

  • Join A Study Group

Another great way to make your nursing degree easier is to join a study group. It will allow you to bounce ideas off other students, get help with tough concepts, and stay motivated. It is also a good way to make friends in nursing school. These people will likely be in your field for many years, so it’s helpful to have a network of friends and colleagues to rely on.


Most importantly, a study group can help keep you accountable. Skipping studying for a class can be easy when you’re flying solo. But it’s a lot harder to blow off studying when you have a group of people counting on you.

  • Find A Mentor

One of the best ways to make your nursing degree easier is to find a mentor. This experienced nurse can offer advice, support, and guidance. A mentor can help you with your studies, offer advice on clinical rotations, and help you find a job after graduation. They can also be a sounding board for any concerns or questions about the nursing school or your career. Mentors are a valuable resource for any nursing student. So if you can find one, take advantage of it.

  • Take Care Of Yourself

Taking care of yourself physically and mentally during nursing school is important. It means eating healthy, exercising, getting enough sleep, and taking breaks when needed. It’s also important to find ways to destress. It can be anything from reading, listening to music, or spending time with friends and family.


If you’re feeling overwhelmed, plenty of resources can help you out. The National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) offers support groups and counseling for students dealing with mental health issues. Taking care of yourself is crucial to making your nursing degree easier. 

  • Manage Your Time Wisely

One of the biggest challenges of nursing school is managing your time wisely. With so much to do, it can be tough to prioritize your studies, clinical rotations, and extracurricular activities. But if you want to make your nursing degree easier, you must learn how to manage your time wisely. That means creating a schedule and sticking to it. It also means learning to say “no” to things that aren’t essential. There are also plenty of time management apps and tools to help you out.

  • Use Technology

Technology can be a great asset for nursing students. There are plenty of apps and online resources that can help you with your studies. For example, some apps allow you to create flashcards, take notes, and track your progress. There are also online resources that offer practice questions for the NCLEX-RN exam.


Using technology can help you study more efficiently and effectively. So be sure to take advantage of the resources that are available to you.

  • Make A Study Plan

One of the best ways to make your nursing degree easier is to create a study plan. It can help you stay organized and on track. Your study plan should include a schedule of when you’re going to study, what you’re going to study, and how you’re going to study. For example, you may want to study for two hours every night, focusing on a different subject. It would be best if you also created a study plan for each exam. It can help you identify what material you need to focus on. 

  • Get Plenty Of Rest

It’s important to get enough sleep when you’re a nursing student. It can be tough to do with all of the demands of nursing school. But it’s crucial to your success. Sleep helps your body and brain recover from studying and clinical rotations stress. It also helps you retain information better. So be sure to get plenty of rest.

  • Take Practice Exams

Practice exams are a great way to prepare for the RN exam. They can help you identify your strengths and weaknesses. And they can give you a better idea of what to expect on the actual exam. There are plenty of practice exams available online. And many nursing schools offer practice exams as well. So be sure to take advantage of them.

  • Find A Study Buddy

Finding a study buddy is one of the best ways to make your nursing degree easier. It can be someone in your nursing program or someone who’s already a registered nurse. A study buddy can help you stay on track with your studies. They can also offer support and motivation. 


Making your nursing degree easier is all about taking the right steps. Be sure to create a schedule, take care of yourself, and use technology to your advantage. And don’t forget to find a study buddy. By following these tips, you can make your nursing degree easier and less stressful

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