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Looking for the best sexual positions? No matter if you try with your partner or with an escort in Dublin hired on Simpleescorts. You’ve come to the right place. We’ve rounded up all kinds of fun sex positions, from classic feel-good and Kama Sutra favorites, to creative new ideas you’ve never tried before. Some of the moves on this list will surprise you, and yes they will delve into the realm of kinky sex. But we guarantee that none of these positions are so bizarre that you’ll be uncomfortable introducing them to your partner. It’s a win-win.

Read on to learn about 50 different sex positions that will make even the most voracious readers of sex tips take note.

  1. The bouncy chair

First, tell your partner to get down on his knees (now that’s fun!). Ask him to kneel with his butt on his heels and the tips of his toes on the floor. Straddle his lap, facing him, with your feet flat on the floor on either side of his legs. Once you are in position (and the penis or harness is inside you), bounce on the tips of your toes to control the rhythm and penetration. The closeness will make for a delightful moment of intimacy.

  1. The Lotus

Straight out of the Kama Sutra (best book for Adultwork escorts), the lotus position is a classic, but a good position that is sure to liven things up. Although it requires a bit of flexibility, the reward is well worth it. The pose is as follows: lie on your back and cross your legs. Now, bring your legs (still crossed) as close to your chest as possible and have your partner get on top of you. Keep the cross-legged position as long as you can. It’s perfect for opening the hips, but just the right angle for a g-spot orgasm.

  1. Split the bamboo

You know how sometimes after a hard day, the last thing you want to do is put on your chaps and ride around the bedroom? Well, relax, cowgirls, this sex position from the Kama Sutra is your friend. Start by lying on your back and have your partner get on top of you in the missionary position. Next, lift one leg up and rest it on his shoulder, next to his head. Keep the other leg stretched out on the bed. You will find that with one leg in the air, penetration with a penis, finger or sex toy will feel much deeper. If you feel uncomfortable or your hamstrings aren’t as flexible as you’d hoped, ask them to kneel instead so they don’t stretch your raised leg as much.

  1. The corkscrew

Lie on your side on the edge of the bed, butt out, while your partner penetrates you from behind. Keep your legs together for maximum sensation (for both of you). You can also push back so your partner doesn’t have to do all the work.

  1. Maximum opening

Lie on your back. Have your partner kneel on the edge of the bed with knees slightly apart and wrap your legs around their waist. Next, lift your hips and pelvis by arching your back. Have your partner support you by holding your lower back while performing the thrust.

  1. Tigress

Think of an inverted cowgirl with a twist. Have your partner lie down and you sit on top of her, on your back. Now, reach back and place one hand on her chest. Use your hand to steady yourself as you move up and down. This allows you to have full control over the speed and depth of penetration. You can also ask them to put their hands on your waist if you find you need a thrust. The added bonus? You’ll be able to look back and see how they look at you, which will certainly help move things along.

  1. The Pretzel

This takes a bit of maneuvering, but be patient, it’s worth the effort. Start by lying on the bed and having your partner kneel over you, straddling your hips. Next, pull one leg toward your chest and then to the other side of your body. Your back should still be supported on the bed, but your lower body should be twisted (as in a relaxing twist at the end of a yoga class). Your partner should support your leg with his stomach/chest. From this position, your partner can penetrate you with deep, satisfying thrusts, and the side angle really shakes things up for new and exciting sensations.

  1. Standing Wheelbarrow

This pose will get the blood rushing to the head and is an easy feat for dedicated yogis. Adopt the downward facing dog position and let your partner grab your legs and wrap them around your waist. You’ll support yourself with your arms and, for added support, they’ll also hold you by the hips.

  1. Seated wheelbarrow

If the standing wheelbarrow seems like too much exercise for your arms, you can try the modified seated wheelbarrow. In this position, have your partner sit on the edge of the bed or couch. You’ll assume downward dog and then wrap your legs around their waist, but it’s much easier since you can rest your lower body on the bed instead of supporting your entire weight.

  1. Fitness friends

Astroglide’s resident exologist ‘Dr. Jess’ O’Reilly, Ph.D. , gave this position its name because it looks like you’re doing an assisted leg raise. You lie on your side with one leg raised and your partner sits on your knees, straddles your lower leg and penetrates you while balancing your ankle on his shoulder.

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