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Logo Design

Your logo is the visual representation of your brand. It helps in bringing recognition of your business to your target audience. Brands like Apple, Starbucks, Tesla, and Amazon don’t have to do anything off the wall to attract new customers because they have established logo designs.

People buy without any doubt from businesses with trustworthy logos. Thus, excellent logo design can act as a powerful marketing tool. But building one can be a frustrating and time-consuming experience. As a result, achieving ultimate recognition for the logo necessitates significant effort, patience, and creativity.

After understanding your pain points, we at Juno Creative have prepared a top 10 logo design tips for your help. Our goal is to take your brand to new heights in a short period.

A simplistic approach to your design

A good logo design is simple and memorable. Your logo, considering only the essential elements. Filter out non-essential elements and visuals from your logo. It can muddle your brand message. A good logo design should always be business-related. Take the example of Nike. Its logo is not only memorable but also simple. It conveys the idea of simplicity being the ultimate power. Their message is clear and easily relatable to their target audience.

Showcase your brand values and story

The best logos tell the story. They entice deep emotions and reflect the business’s heart, soul, and personality through their logos. A Brand Positioning Statement serves as a standard to evaluate all design concepts. It’s to make sure all designs are in alignment with the value statement of the brand. A good brand positioning statement consists of the following main elements:

  A frame of reference

Nike’s mission is to bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world. Logos create a perception among customers around a mission statement. So, the mission statement along with logos becomes the frame of reference. Customers tend to buy the product relating to the brand’s reference point.

 Unique identity

Your logo should have a unique selling proposition. Your USP should inspire your target audience to choose your brand over your competitors. It can happen when your brand shows a clear message with a simple but powerful logo.

 A target market

A brand should be clear about its target audience. They should have a comprehensible answer to the niche, age group, emotion, and profession a brand is catering to. This information should be showcased through their brand logo.

 Focus on color composition.

Color is the most recognizable element of your logo design. It is inherently linked to a business’s identity. Blue is the most popular choice of logo color for many top companies. It is safe, and peaceful, with sophisticated shade. Other famous colors include red, purple, green, yellow, and orange. Make sure you don’t overuse your chosen color. This can confuse the company’s message. Use a color code that is relevant to your brand. It immediately lets you stand out from the crowd.

 Maintains its uniqueness

Never try to imitate other businesses’ logos. Genuineness, originality, and ownership should add up to your logo’s uniqueness. This activity sets the company’s unique selling proposition(USP). The purpose is to tell your brand story and values and position yourself above your competitors. Stand out by creating a unique descriptive representation of your brand. This will tell the customer more about your brand, and its story, and set a unique image of your brand which inspires the customer to buy your product.

 It creates a long-lasting impression

The logo is the first thing that a customer notices about the product. So create a memorable logo that creates a strong impression on people’s minds. The main elements of a memorable logo lie in its simple shape and color code. You can also add some unconventional and fun elements to your logo to make it memorable. This is how your logo efficiently sticks in people’s minds.

 Proper use of fonts and typography

Pick fonts and typography carefully. It demonstrates your company’s professionalism and persona. Brands like GUCCI are known especially for their custom fonts. Make use of surveys, A/B testing, and focus groups to get feedback about your most impact full logo. The right fonts and typography present your company’s values, personality, and story.

 Convey your brand message

Your brand name and tagline with its hidden meaning should be clear to all first-time readers. This is how you engage your potential customers. Think deeply about how you can entice deep-rooted emotions with your message. Spotify, with its sans serif font, clearly conveys connectedness and inclusivity. The WiFi lines of the logo, which are slightly tilted, convey the forward-thinking nature of the company. That’s how they have created a worldwide impact.

 Learn from your competitors

You should do substantial research about your business values, goals, and mission statement. Then, focus on your competitors. They have already gone through lots of research, effort, and details that went into logo design. See any common fonts or colors? Check the similarity in their impressions. Peak over their shoulders and create your logo design. It should be unique, simple, and highly relevant to your business.

 Work on your feedback and criticism

After finishing the final draught of your logo, Take feedback from your target audience and fellow logo designers. They will provide valuable criticism on your logo’s core concept, message, uniqueness, and receptivity. Work on their constructive criticism. And, evolve your logo with time. Some of the world’s most famous brands, like Apple, Google, have evolved their logos with time. retaining certain characteristics rather than a full makeover.

Be attentive to other steps of your brand strategy

Logo design is just one step of brand strategy. Other steps, such as marketing your brand, establishing brand guidelines, conducting competitor research, and developing a value proposition, are equally important. You should understand that each step is equally important. Cumulative attention to each step, including logo design, is what makes a successful brand.

 Need help with your logo?

Great designers put all their expertise into designing and asking for feedback. Juno does the same. Do you need help with your logo? Juno Creative is a small team of professionals from Brisbane with over 13 years in business. From designing magazines to branding, Pinterest boards to photography. Juno worked with businesses of all shapes and sizes. To know more about logo design you can Learn more at Juno Creative.


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