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There are multiple camera options available in the market for photography and video. The user can choose from amongst them based on their requirements. These cameras offer different functions and qualities to serve other purposes. 

In this article, we have discussed 10 different types of cameras that can be used for photography and making videos. You may go for the most suitable option based on your needs.

  • DSLR cameras

The Digital Single Lens Reflex Camera, commonly known as the DSLR camera, is one of the most popular types of cameras available for photography and videos. Professionals and even amateur photography enthusiasts very typically use it. This device combines a digital imaging sensor with a single-lens reflex camera. These cameras are very compatible with the camera accessories available to enhance the quality of the images and level up the photography game. DSLR cameras offer both full-frame and half-frame camera options, Nikon lens for macro photography.

  • Mirrorless camera

The moment you remove the optical viewfinder from a DSLR camera, you get a mirrorless camera. In these cameras, the feature of the optical viewfinder is missing, consequently reducing the weight of the camera body. This makes them easy to handle and offers crop frame camera bodies along with full-frame camera bodies. These cameras also come in detachable lens features. Although there are not many lens options available in the market as they are comparatively new, they are of great use. 

  • Point and shoot cameras 

These are the types of cameras available in the market that are very compact and useful for people who want to capture pictures on vacations or everyday use. These cameras are very easy to carry and offer good image quality for people who are not particularly interested in photography but want to capture images for some use or random memories. These cameras come along with a fixed lens and variable focal length option. They are considered to be the best camera option available for documentation. The images here are recorded in JPED format, and only a few of them come with custom batteries. The Point and shoot cameras have their advantages and can be of great use if suitable for your purpose. 

  • Smartphone cameras 

For photography and video making the smartphone cameras are also a sought-after option. Almost every smartphone offers cameras along with it, and they even give the option of front and back cameras. Some further give the options of portrait shots or the regular shots in the back camera. Few smartphone cameras may offer the DSLR-like blurred effect option too. The camera price and the features provided in a compact size and the other phone uses make the smartphone camera a lucrative option for the buyers. They serve multiple purposes and thus are very popular in today’s market. 

  • Bridge cameras 

This camera category lies between the point and shoot cameras and the DSLR cameras. These cameras come with a fixed lens and cover the telephoto focal range. If you have a low budget and are interested in wildlife photography or sports photography wherein the subject is moving and constantly changing, then they would be a great option to suit your purpose. These cameras are comparatively easier to carry when compared to a DSLR and are a great option to invest in for documenting your photography like a pro. 

  • Medium format cameras

In the recent digital age, medium front cameras use digital camera sensors with 120 mm film. A few manufacturers still produce this type of camera. If you are looking for a camera that will offer extremely high-quality images and high noise performance, you should go for this camera category. These cameras are generally the first choice of fashion photographers. They might be a little bulky as compared to the DSLR cameras; however, the reason for this is the large camera sensor within the device that will give excellent image quality in return. 

  • Film cameras 

The film cameras are another option available to take photos and make videos. They were initially used to make the film to record the images. Later the films got replaced by camera sensors and memory cards. The user has the freedom to choose the aperture and the shutter speed in these types of cameras. 

  • Instant cameras/Polaroids 

Instant cameras or Polaroids are a trendy medium of photography. These cameras are capable of printing photos just after clicking them. There are several different types of Polaroids available in the market. 

  • Digital cine cameras 

These cameras are very high-end and are used to film movies and documentaries. They are generally used by professionals and come along with interchangeable lens options. They are mainly for video recording and can support a 4K resolution and more. 

  • Action cameras/ GoPro cameras 

Known for their small size, the action cameras or the go pro cameras can fit in almost anywhere. These cameras can capture images, make videos wherever required, and even offer time-lapse photography. They can be attached to different objects and can be used even to shoot while travelling. 

In conclusion, we can say that multiple camera options are available in the market for photography and videos. The user can choose from any of them based on their needs and requirements. These camera options come at different prices depending upon the quality of the image and the features that they offer. The Sony camera’s price falls in an affordable price range and can be considered a great option. 

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