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10 Awesome Ways to Attract More People to Your Exhibition Booth

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Exhibitions and tradeshows are of great importance for businesses and brands. Showing your business to people and visitors at exhibitions can turn quick leads. For new businesses and brands, the importance of exhibitions will be multifold. To attract more people to your exhibition booth, you need to make it look and feel attractive.

Competition at exhibitions and tradeshows has to be kept in mind as well. There will surely be many brands and booths competing for audiences. However, there are plenty of attention-grabbing strategies that can help make your exhibition booth stand out. We have a few suggestions that can help. Read through to get maximum attraction for your tradeshow booth:

1: Create an Experience for the Audience

First of all, the best way to attract attention is to create a likable experience. By an experience, we mean a full-scale environment where visitors can be impressed. A tradeshow booth that was showing off new ATVs, used VR devices for the person behind the wheel offering a realistic experience. A great idea indeed. This kind of experience can be created with VR Rental devices for tradeshow booths offering great interaction.

2: Engage People as Much as Possible

Attracting attention is all about engaging people. You should set your exhibition booth up in a way that it encourages engagement. Have open sides and possibly more than one reception booths if your space is large. The reception points and everywhere visitors can see and touch are very important. Find out ways to boost engagement. This will attract more people for your exhibition booth. Make sure right people are on your reception areas and all the easily accessible sides to guide people efficiently.

3: Use Technology to Your Advantage

Technology offers a great deal of usage for business events like exhibitions and tradeshows. You can get technology rental devices to make your exhibition booth look more presentable and attractive. iPads, laptops, VR devices and large screens are all great options. All of these can also improve the quality of your information presentation on exhibitions. Use these devices intelligently with the experience that you have created.

4: social media Sharing Prior to the Event

Did you invest your time and resources in social media sharing prior to the event? If yes, well done. If not, don’t forget it on the next exhibition or tradeshow. Let people know about your participation in the next big exhibition. Share on all social media feeds for your brand or company pages. Use hashtags for the relevant event. Create the hype necessary to make people curious about your exhibition presence. This would draw more people to the even and more people at the event to your exhibition booth.

5: Snapshots and Photo Frames for Instant Sharing

Snapshots and mobile photo frames are now one of the biggest attractors for all kinds of events. Business events like exhibitions included. Get brand logo printed and marked photo frames and snapshots that are easy to carry. These frames would get passed around amongst the audiences. Make sure to have fancy beautifully crafted ones that everyone would want to have a picture with. Also, allow people the opportunity to quickly share their pictures with iPad rental devices on your booths.

6: Offer Refreshments

Refreshments like cold drinks, cup of tea or coffee or a little something to eat don’t cost much. These are little favors that will win hearts for you at the exhibition stage. To make your exhibition booth more attractive, offer small refreshments for visitors. On these large business events, foods and drinks are always scarce. Offer people the opportunity to freshen their body. Your booth with get talked about a lot. All this word of mouth will help gain more attention and footfall for your tradeshow booth.

7: A Charging Station Will Help

Charging devices up is probably the biggest single concern for bloggers, vloggers and media influencers. Since these people carry with so many devices like modern smartphones, high-definition cameras, lights and whatnot, keeping everything juiced up can be quite a challenge. Exhibition booths that can accommodate a charging station with almost automatically become a hit. You will get a lot of media influencers to your booth just to charge their devices up. Once they are there, offer them your idea.

8: Organize Little Events within the Main Event

Business events like exhibitions can be quite boring for many. You can make it more fun by offering something truly unique. Get VR hire devices and use them as a mini event. Let visitors play games amongst themselves. Choose winners and distribute small prizes to make your exhibition booth talked about. This will help get more traction and more footfall towards your booth for the exhibition.

9: Go with a Theme for Your Exhibition Booth

When designing your exhibition booth, it is important to make it look striking. Follow a certain theme. This theme selection should depend on the nature and type of your products or services. Make visitors look at your booth twice. Grab their attention with the wow factor. There are plenty of theme options. Choose the best ones and it will help attract more attention on that tradeshow floor.

10: Bring the Best Team

Bringing the best team is always of great importance for any tradeshow or exhibition. You should have a team shortlisted for the tradeshow. Not everyone brilliant in the office would be awesome for the exhibition. Events like these need special skills. Rehearse at your workplace and find the best team. Get a team that includes conversation starters, very skilled people and also sales convertors with you.

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