1 Month Preparation Planto Crack REET 2021 Exam

1 Month Preparation Planto Crack REET 2021 Exam

April 22, 2021 0 By Rahul Pandey

The Board of Secondary Education, Rajasthan conducts the Rajasthan Eligibility Exam for Teachers [REET] exam. Its notification has been announced and it is set to go ahead on April 21st 2021. As per the notice, candidates will be recruited for more than 31000 vacancies, a recorded announcement welcomed by aspirants.

The REET 2021 exam comprises of two levels, namely, Primary Teacher [Level 1-Class I to Class V] and Upper Primary Level [Level 2-VI to Class VIII]. This article will aid you in your efforts as we present here a week-wise preparation 1-month study plan along with REET preparation best book.

REET 2021: Exam Pattern

Let us have an overview of the REET 2021 exam pattern before going towards REET preparation tips. The Level 1 exam has five sections and the Level 2 exam has four sections as tabulated below. Candidates will be given 150 minutes for the whole exam.

Sections Questions Marks Time
Child Development & Pedagogy 30 30  


150 minutes

Mathematics* 30* 30*
Environmental Studies [Rajasthan GK Included] * 30* 30*
Language-1 [Hindi/English/Sanskrit/Urdu/Sindhi/Punjabi] 30 30
Language-2 [[Hindi/English/Sanskrit/Urdu/Sindhi/Punjabi] 30 30
Total 150 150

* For REET2021Level 2, candidates have to appear for Science and MathematicsORSocial Sciences for 60 marks [60 questions] in place of Mathematics and Environmental Studies.

REET preparation tips: 1 month Study Plan

We have presented here a 1 month study plan after carefully considering the needs and requirements of candidates of REET preparation online.

Week Topics Topics
Week 1 Child Development & Pedagogy [CDP]

Development and relationship with learning, Principles of development of children,Heredity & Environment,Inclusive education and understanding children with special needs,


Ratio & Proportion, Number System, Averages, Series, Fractions, Decimals, Functions & Linear Equations, Speed & Distance, Simplification, Percentages, Profit & Loss, Simple & Compound Interest, Probability, Data Interpretation, Geometry, Permutation & Combination, Indian Currency etc.


Science [For Paper 2]

Micro-Organisms, Food [Sources, Components, etc.], Materials, Moving Things, People and Ideas, The World of the Living, Infectious Diseases, How Thing Work [Force, Motion, Heat, Light, Magnets, Electricity], Natural Resources, Science & Technology, Chemical Substances, Natural Phenomena, Science Pedagogy [Understanding and Appreciating Science, Observation & Discovery, Innovation, Nature of Science, Evaluation, Problems, etc.

End of Week 1 1 Sciences Test [only for Paper 2] + 1 CDP Test +1 Mathematics Test + 1 Mock Test [You can alternate as per your suitability]
Week 2 CDP

Addressing learners from diverse backgrounds,Learning Difficulties,Learning & Pedagogy, How Children Think and learn, Motivation and learning, Factors affecting learning [personal & environmental], Individual Differences,Assessment & Evaluation, Comprehensive and Continuous Evaluation [CCE], Right to Education Act 2009, etc.


Statistics, Shapes and Spatial Understanding, Nature of Mathematics, Logical thinking, Language of mathematics, Understanding Children’s thinking styles and patterns, Community mathematics, Error Analysis, Problems of teaching, etc.


Social Sciences [For Paper 2]

History -Ancient History [Earliest Societies, First Cities, Political Developments, Indus Valley Civilisation, Culture and Science, etc.], Medieval History [Bhakti & Sufi Movements, Mughal rule, Sultans of Delhi, etc.], Modern History [Establishment of Company Power, 1857 Revolt, Women and Reform, Caste System, Colonialism and Tribal Societies, Nationalist movement, India after Independence, etc.], Geography– Globe, Components of Earth, Environment, Air, Water, Human Environment, Resources-types & development, Agriculture, Climate, Wildlife, Industries, Geography & Resources of Rajasthan etc.

End of Week 2 1 Mathematics+ 1 CDP Test + 1 Social Sciences Test [only for Paper 2] + 1 Mock Test [You can alternate as per your suitability]
Week 3 Language [Hindi/English/Sanskrit/Urdu/Sindhi/Punjabi]

English Grammar [Parts of Speech, Direct & Indirect Speech, Vocabulary, etc.], Reading Comprehension [Prose & Poem], Question Framing, Language Development Pedagogy,principles of Language teaching, language skills, teaching-learning materials, challenges, remedial teaching, evaluation of language comprehension & proficiency etc.

End of Week 3 1 Language [English] Test + 1 Language [Hindi] Test + 1 Mock Test [Alternate as per your suitability]
Week 4 [Day 1-3] Environmental Studies [EVS]

Scope of & importance of EVS, Matter &Energy, Environment education learning principles, Approaches to teaching, Relationships, Family and Foods, Personal Relationships & Addiction, work and play, Components of environment and other major terms, Public Places & Institutions, Employment policies, Rajasthan culture, Personal Hygiene,pedagogical issues, etc.




Social Sciences [paper 2]

Social & Political Life- Democracy, Constitution, Government, Diversity, Media, Gender, Judiciary, Secularism, Social Justice and Marginalized, etc. Pedagogy Nature and Concept of Social Sciences, Class Room Activities, Critical Thinking & Analysis, Problems of teaching Social Sciences, Project Work, Evaluation, Challenges, Rajasthan-based awareness

1 Social Science Test OR 1 EVS Test + 2 Mock Tests [You can alternate as per your suitability]
Week 4 [Day 4-6] Revise important topics of Child Development and Pedagogy, Mathematics, Science and Social Sciences. Attempt Reading Comprehension passages as well.

Refresh crucial formulae for Mathematics from the latest REET preparation online


Do not dive into new topics.

Solve one-two timed and full-length mock tests every day until Day 3 of Week 3. After that, leave the tests.

Exam Day Best of luck.

REET Preparation Best Book

Here are a few books that will help you cover the REET 2021 Syllabus in the best way. These books also offer unique REET preparation tips & strategies for crucial topics. You can also refer to REET preparation online materials for such tips and tricks.

REET Preparation Best Book – Level 1 REET Preparation Best Book – Level 2
REET Hindi Language Level–I, Level –II and Level–III by Ray Publication Lakshya REET SamajikAdhyan Bhasha Hindi Sanskrit & English Level – 2 for Class 6 to 8 by Manu Prakashan
Arihant Publications’ 15 Practice Sets REET Class I-V Paper-I REET Hindi Language Level – 1, Level – II and Level – III Completely Based on the Latest pattern by Ray Publication
S.D. Publications’ Pedagogy FOR CTET, UPTET, HTET, UKTET, BTET, CGTET, REET RBD Publications’ REET/RTET Level 1st & 2nd Shiksha Manovigyan
Lakshya REET 2020 Bhasa Hindi, Sanskrit and English And Lakshy REET PrayavaranAdhyanGanit&Balvikas (combo) Level 1 for Class 1-5 2020 (Hindi) REET Samajik Adhyayan Level-II ( Class 6-8) Book by Ray Publication
REET Question Bank by Ahmar Kareem Publication Manu Prakashan’sLakshya REET Level 2 Language Sanskrit/English/Hindi
Sunita Publications’ REET Level 1 REET Maths Level-2 by Shiva’s Store

One of the most important REET preparation tips we can give is to be confident and calm in yourself. Best of Luck.

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